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Not Sexy: Puppy Girl Jenna

Fetishes seem to be getting weirder and weirder, and if you're one of the people who have trouble scratching your itch there are plenty of women willing to help for the right price. One kinky girl named Jenna AKA yourpuppygirl satisfies the urges of those who like to see a girl on her knees crawling, begging, and whimpering - but not in the standard Pornhub way.

Jenna acts like a puppy and people are eating it up. She got her break on Tik Tok by posting short videos where she begged for treats, then rolled on the ground like a puppy. Jenna even drinks water out of a bowl and sniffs fire hydrants to her followers delight.

The 21 year old describes herself as "a subby sadomasochist puppy girl that loves to make people cum" then teases "let me help you?" We haven't taken her up on her offer, but many people have: Jenna ranks in the top 0.03% on OnlyFans where she charges $20 for the privilege of subscribing to her content.

Jenna also uses the typical media platforms to build a following: she has a Twitter account @puppygirljenna with over 30k followers, and an Instagram puppygirljenna with nearly 30k followers. It's been reported that thanks to her loyal fans she now earns in excess of six figures every month. More than a doctor. Let that sink in.

Now we will admit, the first time we saw Jenna we wanted to like her. After all, Jenna is cute and has that kinda thiccness guys drool over. You can't deny that seeing her in short shorts, rolling around, looking up at the camera sparks something. But then we thought about it, and started feeling sorry for her and feeling a little guilty for watching.

Sure, she makes more than most of us ever will - but at what price? Slowly but surely, society is reaching peak degeneracy and this is just one more example. Yet another young woman selling her soul as a THOT on social media for cash. It's just sad that guys out there encourage this kind of behavior from women by supporting them with donations.

We wouldn't blame you for watching the videos out of kinky curiosity, we did as well, but if you actually pay cash for this kind of stuff you are a big part of society's problems.

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