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What is Sexy: Girl Mugshots

It is often said that women like bad boys. Just about every guy out there has a story about a girl he lost to another man who was a little rough around the edges. You know the type: a waist high list of charges that make women drool for some reason. Maybe women are looking for someone that's broken and can be fixed, or maybe it's the edginess that gets the panties to drop. Whatever the reason, the story never ends well.

Sometimes, guys like bad girls as well. The ones who ride shotgun and stand by their dude through thick and thin. But the story is the same and never ends either. The women in this weeks What is Sexy collection manage to look good in a line up, but we don't recommend catching feelings since most of them have some pretty serious charges. Sexy sure, but they ain't wife material. So just admire them from afar and if you ever see them on the street steer clear.

She just might be the next Casey Anthony.

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