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The 5 Best Places for QAnon Research

The 5 Best Places for Q Anon Research

The QAnon following has grown into a massive army of dedicated investigators looking to uncover the truth about our government, celebrities, and the malevolent forces at work attempting to control the world. Through diligent research and teamwork, the Q movement has shed a lot of light onto what we suspected all along: we are being lied to.

Though the powers in charge work hard to cover their tracks, no footprint can be completely erased. Thanks to Patriots who love America and want to see it once again be the land of the free and home of the brave, we are starting to unearth significant details about the corruption that has swept through the deepest parts of our nation. A corruption that has robbed us of the future our ancestors and founding fathers worked so hard to guarantee.

With new followers joining the cause everyday, not everyone knows where to start so that they too can participate in the movement. Wikileaks is a great starting point, but most of us don't have a lot of context for what all those Hilary Clinton and John Podesta emails mean. That's why we have put together the following list of 5 places where you can gather all the information and leaks to participate in Q Research.

Though Q isn't always 100% on point with his timelines, there is enough 'leaked' information to make us stop and think, and to call ourselves believers. Even if you are not a believer, you can use the resources to fact check and make your own decision. We're pretty sure it will not be long before you say 'WWG1WGA'.

The 5 Best Places for QAnon Research

Follow Q on Twitter

This is the first step every patriot should take. Q tweets almost daily, and in those tweets you can often find morsels of information, or hints, to lead you to the next breadcrumb. It also makes sense to check out Q followers, and who Q follows, so that you can too. Many of these high ranking officials, politicians, and celebrities interact with and share the tweets. Chances are, a few coded exchanges have been made and you don't want to miss them. Follow Q on Twitter

The 5 Best Places for QAnon Research

Q Drops

Deeper intel, instructions, and suggested research is leaked via Q drops. What these drops do is provide the clues for further research, as well as time frames for behind the scenes happenings. We don't always get a clear idea of what or when things are going down, but later on you will find that these leaks match up with Presidential tweets and events that bring the picture into focus. You can follow Q drops on the QMap website, and there is even a Google app that you can subscribe to so that you get the new drop as soon as it happens.

The 5 Best Places for QAnon Research


This is a message board that is censorship free (for the most part) where researchers often gather to share and analyze information. 4CHAN is not dedicated just to Q, but rather is a forum where just about anything and everything gets discussed - without a filter. The site has been known to share a lot of information before the media even gets the story, and many posters have made real headway into #pizzagate and other conspiracies.

4chan should definitely be one of your top research spots, just be warned that the site can get pretty crazy at times - which means you're going to find a lot of stuff that is offensive and crude. But hey, we believe everyone has the right to free speech and keep our eyes on what we came to see. The board you want to visit is the Politically Incorrect one referred to as /pol/ and we recommend staying away form most of the other boards for your safety. We also recommended enhancing your internet security before visiting by installing a non-tracking browser like DuckDuckGo.

The 5 Best Places for QAnon Research


Another message board, 8kun is similar to 4chan with a darker reputation that isn't really fair. There have been reports of some seedy characters lurking on the site in the past, but what social media app or board can say that they know 100% who is visiting their site? Plenty of useful information can be had if you know where to look.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful on 8kun, and by no means visit the site without enhancing your security measures like we mentioned with 4chan. Once you do that, visit the /qpatriotresearch/ board and surf away. Lots of info and intel can be had, just keep your blinders on and don't click on anything that looks unusual. Call us paranoid, but we are conspiracy theorists after all.

The 5 Best Places for QAnon Research

The WGA Network

A website called WGA Network is a website that collects information and research sources into one page. After the four recommendations above, WGA should be the final bookmark during your journey down the rabbit hole. With a great collection of video and news links, the site will save you a lot of time by putting most everything into one place. You might even want to set it as your browser homepage if you get deep into the Q movement.


Good luck Patriots. Be sure to share what you find, and consider letting us know about any new leads you come across. Things have a way of disappearing on the internet, so we would like to post it on our site so that other researchers can find it. WWG1WGA.