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We Are Witnessing a New Civil War

We Are Witnessing a New Civil War

America as we knew it is dead. As much as I love this country that I was born in, I have to admit that it is fractured and broken. We are engaged in a great civil war, one that I'm not sure this nation can long endure. A battle between the have and have nots, self-interest groups, and political parties. A battle between the left and right.

Where once we took the time to listen to opposing viewpoints, now winners are defined by who can shout the loudest. Didn't win the argument? Run out and destroy everything in your path while our own government, which took an oath to protect us, stands by and condones domestic terrorism.

It's pretty obvious to me that right now we are looking at a defining moment in our nations history. I just don't think that there is a compromise to be had because the demands of all engaged are too far apart. What does that mean for the future? I think we are going to see a further shift towards extremism, both left and right.

I think it's fair to say that not too long ago, most Americans stood closer to the center of politics. Bill Clinton looks conservative by today's standards. Even Barack Obama started out near center before shifting left. Donald Trump always leaned left before shifting right. The shift towards the fringes has polarized the masses based on issues and self-interest.

Both sides refuse to budge.

Immigration, abortion, police funding, every issue in the news has a clear cut position based on party affiliation. That means that there just isn't a compromise to be had. Both sides can't be right. The only solution is to live as a fractured state that agrees to do business together.

We Are Witnessing a New Civil War

Think about it: why is Southern culture and the Civil War so romanticized? Because there was no victory. The war ended with two sides who still remained diametrically opposed - but one side, the south, was bludgeoned into surrender. That ghost still haunts us to this day. The north and south never reconciled their differences, but continued to exist as two self interest groups who begrudgingly worked together. And that's the only solution we can hope for today.

Sure the main issue of the civil war, slavery, stands out as a horrific mistake now. But contrary to what you may hear, slavery was not the only issue that lead to war. The question of taxation and states rights, and the stark differences in way of life all were contributing factors to succession. Do issues like these sound familiar?

Yes, we are still battling over the same topics today. Liberal states like New York and California demand that working class people in Oklahoma or Kentucky do it their way. If Republican President Donald Trump issues an executive order, liberal states go on record to say that they will disobey the order. There has even been a movement in California to divide the state north and south. It's clear to me that a civil war has been ongoing for quite sometime, it's just finally come to a head.

So what do we have now? Left versus right. Guns versus no guns. Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life. Religion versus policy. Just like with slavery, only one side is right - but the topics today don't have clear cut answers. So the only solution I must sadly say is division.

As a conservative, I support the second amendment. I stand as pro-life if the mothers life is not in danger or it was not rape. I believe in a higher power and my belief system says that the choices some individuals make do not align with my Gods will. These beliefs I will never compromise on and fair enough, liberal readers will say that they refuse compromise as well.

Which is why it's obvious we are seeing a new civil war to which there can be no winner. We can have a long drawn out battle that leaves everyone battered and bruised, filled with anger that never quiets - or we can can end it now and just agree to disagree. Rather than spin our wheels seeking a middle ground that doesn't exist, lets just agree to live in separation. Left separate of right, and the few that remain in the middle can pick a side or go their own way.

I'll admit, I don't know how to make this work. Do we all pick a state and congregate? Pick up and move to live in an echo chamber? I don't know. But what we are doing now, tearing each other down, defacing property, and rewriting history just isn't working. I have always said that I will not tell anyone else how to live if they agree to not tell me how to live. As much as that philosophy makes so much sense to me, I understand that it doesn't work for everyone.