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What is Sexy: Ripped & Torn Jeans

Just about any lady can look sexy with the right pair of well fitting jeans, which is why they were featured in a previous collection. But after awhile, even the best jeans wear out and start to look a little beat. You could cut them off and make a sexy pair of Daisy Dukes to wear during summer, or you can embrace the tattered, torn and ripped jean look - keeping your favorites for a little bit longer while showing off a lower body tatt or go for a beach bum look.

There are no rules to rocking ripped jeans. You can buy them pre-distressed and spend a lot of cash in the process, or just wait for a pair of your favorites to break in. Then grab some scissors and make some well placed cuts depending on your level of modesty: some of these jeans leave plenty to the imagination, showcasing a little bit of skin that makes guys drool for more. Others leave next to nothing to the imagination, highlighting almost every inch of skin and curve beneath. Both are worthy of being called sexy

Check out this collection of ripped and torn jeans then comment below to tell us if we are right.

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