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Strange Video Supposedly Shows Naked Child Escaping Buckingham Palace

Strange Video Supposedly Shows Naked Child Escaping Buckingham Palace

A very weird video posted on YouTube has stirred up plenty of controversy and was interesting enough that we had to research the source to see if it's real. In the video, we clearly see a naked person (some say it's a child) trying to escape out of a high window from Buckingham Palace by what looks like a rope made of bed sheets. After a short decent, the person or child falls to what would surely be a certain death.

There is no context given for the footage, though the video poster sees it as clear evidence of the depraved nature of the royal elites who are rumored to be connected to child trafficking. You can see two women standing on the side walk laughing as the escape occurs. The footage is eerie, check it out:

We couldn't let something like this go unchecked so we went digging. Snopes and other sources say that the footage is an edited down piece of video from a 2015 TV Show called "The Royals". The British are known for their odd humor, but this is pushing the limits if it is a child - though we think it looks more like an adult.

Snopes was quick to debunk the video, after it was posted on YouTube. As much as we dislike the fact checking site - we hope they are right on this one if only because it's such a horrible scene. Skeptics said that there is a cover up taking place aimed at debunking the video. They do raise a few interesting points: 1) Why would the Queen of England agree to stage a hoax involving a naked man escaping her home in broad daylight for all to see? 2) If the video is really part of a TV promotion, then why was it completely scrubbed from the internet only to reappear later?

Here is the Vimeo video which Snopes says is the source of the escape scene:

It's enough to settle the debate for us. In the higher definition original footage, the person is clearly an adult male. Later, a woman comes to the window as well. The original YouTube post looks like it was footage shot by onlookers watching the show being filmed which explains the laughing.

We will give the You-tuber the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't trying to intentionally mislead the public, but obviously he was a little too quick to assume. We can't say for sure that this video was unavailable until now, but in the original debunking piece Snopes did not provide a link to it. Later on, the article was updated with the Vimeo link to the source of the complete footage.