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Weird Pic of Bill Clinton Getting a Massage

There are plenty of conspiracies surrounding the Clinton's - everything from Hilary's involvement in #pizzagate and child trafficking, the mysterious suicides of 56 and counting Clinton associates, to Bill's appearance on the flight logs to Epstein Island (26 times to be exact).

Despite all the conspiracies, the evidence available right now doesn't offer a slam dunk case that would stand up in court for any sort of link between Bill, Hilary, and child trafficking. But stuff is being leaked that makes it clear something weird was going on during their tenure in the White House. Stuff that spurs conspiracy people to keep digging.

Unfortunately, researchers are quick to jump at any evidence that proves their point without doing the fact checking to substantiate the claim. Such as the case with the image above which was submitted to us by a reader.

A man who looks like Bill Clinton is pictured getting a sensual massage from an unknown woman. It is BC, but the image is part of an art exhibit by Alison Jackson who is known for creating hyper realistic works of celebrities in compromising positions. The pic has actually been around for several years. We paused when we first saw it, but a quick reverse image search showed the source of the image.