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Author Argues That Ancient Aliens is Racist

Author Argues That Ancient Aliens is Racist

Throw the popular History channel show Ancient Aliens into the racist pile.

According to an article by author Meghan O'Keefe on a website called Decider, the show is just another example of white middle aged men trying to "erase non-white, non-American, non-modern, and non-Christian accomplishments from the record completely".

Meghan, a white woman, says that the channel is aimed at middle-aged white men - "even more specifically, a type of man who romanticizes a rough and tough image of white America". That's a pretty new take on the show that makes us say huh? The show isn't about ancient cowboys.

We will be the first to admit that the History Channel takes some liberties in connecting the 'aliens influencing mans history' dots, but have never seen anything on the show that even remotely came across as racist. If anything, the show has made us want to spend hours researching these ancient non-white cultures to learn more about them. We even have a trip to Mexico on our bucket list so we can see the pyramids at Teotihuacan first hand. If anything, the show has really brought attention to ancient cultures and their achievements.

Meghan further argues that the implied meaning of Ancient Aliens is that a non-white culture couldn't possibly have developed artistic or technological capabilities on their own. This is just non-sense. Sounds like another attempt at virtue signaling and we think she had to dig pretty deep to find something that has not already been called out as racist.

As far as we can tell, History Channel and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos have not commented or responded to the allegations. Hopefully, they stand firm and reject the claims.

What do you think? Is Ancient Aliens Racist?

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