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5 Theories About the Mandalay Bay Shooting

Most of us remember the vague details of the Las Vegas mass shooting that occurred during the the Route 91 Harvest festival. Though it represents the largest mass shooting in modern US history it hardly even gets a mention today. Why is that? We did our research and noticed some things that made us wonder about the official explanation. We will lay out some of that information here as we attempt to answer: What really happened the night of October 1st, 2017?

The Shooting and Investigation

Stephen J. Paddock was the perpetrator of the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in United States history, In an 11-minute spree Paddock killed 58 people (59 if you include Paddock) and injured 413 others by gunfire. Many more suffered injuries related to the shooting. The story made the rounds on MSM then was quickly dropped from the headlines with little explanation.

A year later, it was announced that the FBI would close its investigation after finding no motive. To summarize their findings, Paddock was an individual who kept all details of his life private, including any intentions or planning related to the shooting. As NPR stated, he "was not driven by a religious, social or political agenda, nor did he have an accomplice to help him carry out his deranged mission". He acted alone.

NPR did state that investigators believed that part of Paddock's motivation was his "desire to die by suicide" and to "attain a certain degree of infamy via a mass casualty attack." If that was the case, why would Paddock kill himself and miss out on the media circus that would thrust him into the spotlight? Paddock left no suicide note behind though he had a brother and a girlfriend, no manifesto to explain his reasoning (common to mass killers), and at least by outwards appearances enjoyed a comfortable though private life.

Who Was Paddock?

Paddock collected coins as a kid and was a jock in high school, a star tennis player. He was a letter carrier for the Postal Service from 1976-1978, then went on to work as an IRS agent. He would then work as an auditor for for three years at a predecessor of Lockheed Martin in the late 1980's.

Stephen Paddock accumulated the majority of his multi-millionaire wealth as a real estate investor. A company he owned included properties around Los Angeles and was old for $2 million. Another property continued to earn him substantial income of 500k a month. When he sold that apartment complex in 2015, Paddock earned an estimated $6 million profit.

He once owned a home and lived in Brevard County, Florida from 2013-2015, located in Viera on Sansome Circle. He relocated to Mesquite, Nevada and purchased a house for $369,000 in 2015 where he lived with is girlfriend, Marilou Danley, It was in a retirement community.

Even though his backyard was up against a golf course, he never played. Neighbors insist they knew very little about him other than noting that he seemed weird, "extremely standoffish" and "aggressively unfriendly".

Another neighbor, Sharon Judy, had a different opinion of Paddock saying "he was real friendly, very outgoing, very open about what he did for a living." Judy said she met him when the two moved into the neighborhood around the same time, and Paddock described himself as a world traveler and professional gambler .

His own brother Eric was shocked at the shooting saying "We know nothing. If you told me an asteroid just fell, it would mean the same to me. There's absolutely no sense, no reason he did this". He also said he wasn't aware of any mental illness, alcohol or drug problems in his brother's life.

We do know that Stephen Paddock was a high stakes gambler known to frequently bet $10k in a night, though sometimes he gambled as much as $30k. Eric Paddock said that Stephen once "texted me a picture that he won $40,000 on a slot machine." Sharon Judy had a similar story.

For a guy who had it all and seemed to be enjoying retirement, a sudden mass shooting seems out of character. What could have driven Stephen Paddock to go on the rampage he did? Here are the 5 most popular theories on Stephen Paddock and the Mandalay Bay shooting

The Illuminati or Free Masons

Whenever bad things happen, the Illuminati always gets mentioned. The Las Vegas Shooting is no different: some researchers have speculated that the event was a mass sacrifice and that entertainer Jason Aldean (the country music singer who was performing as the shooting started) was even in on the whole thing. We looked at the possibility awhile back in this article. Though we don't think this was an Illuminati event, there is some weird things going on which you can read about in the article.

Paddock Was a Depressed Alcoholic Who Decided to Go Out in a Blaze of Glory

This is the mainstream explanation. The FBI report created a profile of Paddock which painted him as someone planning to end his life since his mental and physical health were in decline. The suicide would be a way to control his own death, rather than slowly wither away, while gaining infamy.

Paddocks own father was a bank robber and fugitive that was on the FBI's ten-most wanted list back in 1968/9. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock AKA Patrick Benjamin Paddock tried to run an FBI agent over with his car before he was captured. This family history, it has been suggested, may have inspired Paddock.

It has been stated that the attack was long planned as the shooter spent time researching sites which offered the potential to impact the most casualties. It's also been said that he studied police response and tactics, as well as ballistics. Paddock was equipped with 47 firearms the night of the shooting, a stockpile which he accumulated mostly in the year leading up to the shooting and which included expensive custom-made rifles.

Jill Snyder, special agent in charge at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, said: "From October 2016 to September 28, 2017, he purchased 33 firearms, majority of them rifles.” The hotel suite in which he was staying was on the 32nd floor. The crowd which he took aim was around 400 yards away. A paper found in the suite was initially thought to be a suicide note, but later reported to be a set of aiming calculations, and Paddock was seen on a home security camera taking target practice in the desert outside Mesquite, Nevada.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo said that something made Paddock snap in October 2016. The belief is that October marked some sort of anniversary and the shooting was carried out on that anniversary. Paddock was basically a reclusive no-life with a gambling addiction driven by some event in his past that he couldn't cope with. What that event was we do not know.

False Flag Operation

Many have speculated that the Mandalay Bay hooting was just another in a long series of false flag operations. These types of events aim to inspire fear in the general public - especially the fear of guns. It doesn't help that whenever a shooting occurs the cries to ban guns are heard immediately along with the story itself.

Hilary Clinton was very vocal in the call for gun control after the shooting, attacking the NRA via Twitter to claim that the organization wants to make it easier to get silencers. Calling every mass shooting a false flag is ridiculous, but it's also ridiculous to use the tragedies for political gains.

Many gun 'experts' point out how unlikely it is that Paddock could have brought so many guns into the suite unnoticed, and point out that no security footage exists of him making these trips. They also question the possibility of Paddock being able to get off so many rounds due to the heat generated by the simple operation of the gun. Essentially, the weapon would have been to hot to hold.

Listening to the shots on many YouTube videos, we haven't heard an audible break in firing that would suggest a switch of firearms, but we are no experts. Suspiciously, these YouTube videos are known to disappear making them hard to locate. That's the case with just about anything on YouTube, especially anything controversial. It does seem as if the narrative is controlled and shaped.

Some researchers have provided analysis suggesting shots being fired from lower levels, including a muzzle flash coming from the fourth floor which has been refuted by police. They even say that footage shows police offers searching on the ground with flashlights for a shooter lower down. We have not found that footage.

Another story that raises suspicions is the story of a Hispanic woman at the concert who was reported as telling people waiting in line that they were 'going to die'. This woman pushed her way to the front of the line approximately 45 minutes before the concert started. Authorities did escort a couple out of the area who admitted to messing with people and saying something similar.

We read a story online a longtime ago from someone who claimed to have been at the event. He said that he was parked at the concert when gunfire started and everyone started running but the gunfire followed them all the way to the end of the strip. This person also said they estimated that with the amount of fire and distance it had to have been coming from at least 6 shooters, adding that there were police and National Guard everywhere. Who knows.

Failed FBI Operation or Gun Deal

This sounds a little more plausible than an Illuminati Sacrifice, and makes some sense given how many guns it is reported that Paddock had in his possession. The fact that Paddock was able to buy so many guns in such a short period of time without raising suspicion ... is suspicious, though we saw a story where a police officer in Mesquite said that Paddock was 'on their radar".

It is also known that ammonium nitrate (used in explosives) and bomb making chemicals were found in the suite, raising questions about the possibility he was selling guns and explosives to terrorists. Many conspiracy researchers point out the military contractors Paddock worked for implying he had connections. Unless the the story that he was an accountant is a cover, it's far fetched to think he had an contacts to orchestrate such a deal.

If it is a cover and you factor in the reclusive lifestyle, lack of footage showing him carrying the weapons into Mandalay Bay, and the few personal ties he kept and it starts to sound possible. Paddocks lifestyle sets him up a a great secret agent, that is if you don't count the gambling and alcoholism.

Botched Assassination

This theory is a spin off of the 'gun deal gone wrong' scenario above. Basically, Paddock was under the belief that he was supplying the goods to terrorists as an FBI/CIA agent. The switcheroo is that the terrorists were actually there to assassinate some royalty that were staying in the floors above.

The idea is that these terrorists assassins set up the deal not to obtain the guns and explosives for export, but to ensure that they were in the perfect spot at the perfect time to take out the Saudi Prince. The Prince and his entourage were staying in reserved suites located in the 4 floors above Paddock, so it would be a perfect crime to make the purchase, sneak up the back stairs and complete the execution unnoticed before escaping.

To make sure that no one can interrupt the assassination, the door to the 32nd floor is blocked. The problem is that Paddock became suspicious when he noticed the blocked door, the same blocked door that hotel employee Jesus Campos noticed and became suspicious of. So either Paddock tipped off his masters, or the CIA/FBI got wind of what was going down and rushed in to prevent the coup. Shootout ensues.

If true, this is some real 4 dimensional level chess that's hard to wrap your head around. Definitely would make for a great movie, but it seems like there are just too many parts in play to make it all go down. And it doesn't explain why we can't find any reports of shots fired anywhere but into the crowd.


There are plenty of conspiracies on the Las Vegas Shooting, and we will admit there is some evidence to make you think twice. It doesn't help that Jesus Campos only gave one interview and it was on Ellen. Campos was no where to be found for 17 days, and when he finally showed - it was on a television talk show. He said that there were no restraints placed on what show he wanted to appear on, but check out the video below with his attorney stating that Campos was being kept in an undisclosed location. Was he being groomed on what to say - or forget?