• Kiera Peterson

Cleaning Tips for Commercial Sliding Doors

Commercial sliding doors are a significant addition to any store front. They are attractive and give an entirely different look to the store. Although they are beautiful, it is important to keep them clean. They are prone to dust, and if you do not pay enough attention, these doors might become a living hub for a lot of dirt and debris.

Sliding doors depend upon clean sliding surfaces. If the sliding mechanism is dirty it may get jammed, causing you various mechanical issues down the line. That is why you need to ensure that you are cleaning and keeping these doors clean and in perfect operating order at all times. In this article, we are going to share some of the interesting cleaning tips for sliding doors that will help you in the long run.

Cleaning the Tracks of Sliding Doors is Important

If you ever feel like your sliding doors have any issues or getting stuck at times, then you need to check the tracks and ensure that they are clean. An unclean track is one of the primary reasons why sliding doors usually get stuck.

First, take a wire brush or a toothbrush and clean the tracks once. It will help in getting rid of any major dirt and debris mass on the track. Then use the vacuum attachment and reach into the corners of these tracks to get rid of any kind of debris that usually gets accumulated on the tracks of a sliding door. While this process may seem like a tedious procedure, cleaning the tracks of your commercial sliding doors once every week will keep it clean and protected from any kind of dirt.

Do Not Opt for Abrasive Cleaners

The abrasive cleaners will do a lot of harm to your commercial sliding doors instead of simply cleaning it; therefore, it is always suggested not to use any kind of those harmful products. You can go with any mild sanitizer and detergent, which is easily available in the market.

Lubrication of the Tracks

The commercial sliding doors glide on the tracks of the doors, and the tracks need proper lubrication once in a while so that the door can slide through them easily. You can use any silicon-based lubricant for this purpose. Make sure to wipe off the lubricant if you spill some on the floor as it can result in slips and falls.

Adjust the Rollers of your Doors

Your sliding doors will have rollers on either side. You have to clean those rollers too so that there is no dirt accumulated in them. This way the rollers of your doors will be squeaky clean, working efficiently.

Cleaning Process

You want to follow the proper cleaning procedure to make your commercial sliding doors work effortlessly without giving you headaches. Start the cleaning process from the top and never from the bottom area to prevent any dirt from getting down to the parts that have been cleaned already.

Make use of mild soapy water to clean the doors. For better results, use only lukewarm water. Take a soft cloth or a good quality microfiber cloth, and dip the same into the water. Wipe off the dust and dirt gently with the cloth. You can be a little rough if the dirt is stubborn kind; however, do not use too much pressure.


When it comes to cleaning, you have to take some extra care for the commercial sliding doors so that they remain in the perfect condition all the time. The tips provided above will come in handy next time you feel your door needs a proper wash.