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Argument Between Ghost Hunters Leads to Stabbing

from Coast to Coast:

Authorities in Arkansas say that the conclusion of a late night ghost hunt turned ugly when one of the spirit seekers allegedly stabbed his fellow investigator of the unknown.

The bizarre altercation reportedly took place at around 2 AM this past Tuesday morning when a trio of self-described "paranormal hunters" finished their expedition at an unnamed cemetery in the city of Little Rock. At some point during their attempt at contacting the 'other side,' however, tempers flared and violence soon followed.

According to police, the trouble began as the group made their way back to their car and an argument erupted over who would be driving them back to their hotel. Eventually, Mark Galloway won the battle of wills and wound up behind the wheel.

As they made their way down the road, cops say, a female member of the group indicated that she was having difficulty breathing and asked Galloway to pull the car over so that she could regain her composure. When he refused to do so, an incident report states, the woman and another ghost hunter in the back seat attempted to overtake Galloway, who responded by reaching around and stabbing that other individual in the leg.

While one might think that such a skirmish would result in the immediate breakup of the group, they apparently continued on their ride together back to their motel, perhaps because that was the only place they could go and they only had one way of getting there at two in the morning.

Be that as it may, the stabbed ghost hunter promptly phoned the police upon arriving at the motel and officers subsequently arrested Galloway for first-degree battery and false imprisonment. Alas, nowhere in the police report does it give any indication as to whether or not the group's investigation led to any evidence of the spirit realm.

Either way, we're guessing that it was probably the group's last outing together.