• Mr. Right

Linkedin Premium is a Scam

If you are not familiar with it, LinkedIn is basically a social media site for 'business professionals'. I have a profile which I rarely use. I created it years ago and connected with coworkers but have not really found it to be very useful. Most of my contacts haven't even updated their profiles in years even though I know they are in new positions. So LinkedIn is something I check out from time to time, but it's not a big part of my professional presence.

Even though I spend little time on the site, I get plenty of emails from it - almost all of which are to tell me that someone has checked out my profile. When I would go to the page to see who had viewed my profile, I would always get the message that I need to be a premium member to reveal the identity of who had checked me out.

I never felt the need to dig any deeper, but I started getting the feeling that all of these 'views' were not real. I mean I am doing absolutely nothing to promote myself on LinkedIn, have no new contact requests, nothing to suggest that someone would view my profile. So on that hunch, I took LinkedIn up on their offer of 30 days free access to their premium features.

After joining, I checked out the section which showed who viewed my profile and guess what? It said that no one had visited my profile in the last 90 days. During the 30 day trial, I received more emails saying that someone had checked me out and every time I went to my profile to see who it was, It said that no one had visited. I can only conclude that LinkedIn is just sending out spam with lies hoping that you pay for access, or forget to cancel the free trial.

Save your money, unless your actively pursuing a new job. LinkedIn premium isn't worth the cost. Even if you're in the job market, the website isn't the only option for searching and their dishonesty in marketing makes me think that their job postings might not all be legit either.