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What is Sexy: Belly Button Piercings

If you are a 90's kid, then you remember that belly button piercings were everywhere. It was usually the first thing a wanna be "edgy" girl did to show off a little bit of her bad girl side. The trend never really went away, but did die off a bit as the huge ear hole fad and tatts took off and became mainstream.

Belly piercings are a cute way to show off hard ab work in the gym, and look sexiest in our opinion when paired with a short t-shirt and unbuttoned jeans. It's pretty easy for a girl to make the look her own as well with plenty of options available that feature jewels and sparkly trinkets that accentuate nice abs and hips.

Luckily, we are noticing a comeback of belly button piercings and belly button rings. That's a good thing because not only do we think they're sexy, but we appreciate that they are not a permanent body mod that leaves you looking like a trend chaser for life. Get bored with the look and you can simply let the piercing close, unlike big ear holes or tattoos. To show our love for belly button piecings we have collected some of the best pics for this weeks What is Sexy. Sit back and enjoy, then tell us what you think is sexy so we can feature it in our next collection.

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