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Stories of People Defending Their Homes and Lives Through the Second Amendment

The media and mainstream news is quick to cover stories where a mad gunman opens fire on innocent people. These kinds of psychos get plenty of press coverage and the cries to ban guns follow quickly after. But the truth is, statistics show that these cases are extremely isolated incidents and there are many more examples of people saving lives by exercising their second amendment rights.

But MSM fails to cover these stories. That's why we are collecting stories we come across right here. We are not trying to convince anyone to buy a gun (even if we think most everyone should own one). What we want to do is protect the interests of those who do choose to own one. If you come across any stories we should add to the list, send it to us.

Houston Man Shoots 5 Attackers With an AK-47 In Self-Defense

Armed men wearing ski masks broke into a house and started demanding cash and jewelry, but ended up in a shootout when a 20-year-old homeowner grabbed his fully loaded AK-47 and begin shooting in self-defense.

Woman, 8 months pregnant, used AR-15 to shoot and kill home intruder

A woman fatally shot one of two intruders defending her unborn child during a home invasion near Tampa. “They came in heavily hooded and masked. As soon as they had got the back door opened, they had a pistol on me and was grabbing my 11-year-old daughter,” said resident Jeremy King. When one of the intruders began pistol-whipping him, his wife, who is eight months pregnant, retrieved her legally owned AR-15.

Son Saves Family Of 6; Takes Out Armed Home Invader With Head Shot While Sisters Hide In Closet

A planned attack on a family was thwarted by the son who was returning to the home with his mother. Upon arrival, chaos was happening inside the home as 3 armed intruders ambushed the father as he arrived home from work and forced him inside.

Man Opens Fire At Oklahoma Walmart, Confronted By Armed Citizen

Two people were killed at a Walmart in Oklahoma by a man who opened fire in the parking lot. The shooter turned the weapon on himself after an armed citizen confronted him.

12-Year-Old Boy Defends 73-Year-Old Grandmother Who Was Shot, Shoots Intruder

A couple of guys in masks forced their way into a North Carolina apartment, demanding money before shooting the 73-year-old woman who lived there. Her 12-year-old grandson took action and shot at the intruders, wounding one who later died.

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