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5 Reasons Not To Become a Pewtuber

5 Reasons Not To Become a Pewtuber

If you like guns and tactical stuff like us, then you spend plenty of time on YouTube searching out Pewtubers. You know the guys - gun enthusiasts who live and breathe the tactical lifestyle. Guys like Colion Noir and John Lovell of Warrior Poet Society. They are living their best life while doing something they love.

It sounds like a great idea: start posting videos and reviewing guns and gear then soon enough the free shit comes rolling in and you are part of the Pewtube brotherhood. Free ammo for life! We thought about it then had second thoughts. So should you. Why? Here are 5 reasons why you should NOT become a Pewtuber.

YouTube is Demonetizing Gun Stuff

There are guys still making money on YouTube with gun related content, but it's becoming more common for YouTube to demonetize those videos and in many cases, gun channels all together. A couple guys we watch have even openly stated that they are quitting the gun stuff to avoid bans or deletion. Instead, they are opting for "lifestyle related" content and in one case - more home improvement stuff. Yea. We heard that YouTube doesn't even allow videos that show the installation of firearms parts or what can be considered "building". Boring.

You Look Like a Poser

Sure guys like Colion Noir pull it off, building gun related brands even though they have zero military background. But most often, the pewtubers look like posers. Hard core military guys are who we focus on watching because that's who we trust - guys who have seen action and know what they are talking about. The guys who work in an office and shoot their MSR's on weekends just look like mall ninjas without a home. That doesn't mean you cant be the next Colion, but you better plan it out and find your niche.

People Lump You Into the Gun Nut Category

Sure, you shouldn't care what people think and neither do we. But sadly, in the current political climate guns are a controversial topic and at least one of your neighbors is going to be secretly against your tactical lifestyle. That might not seem to matter until something small pops up and that neighbor has a bug up her ass. Who wants to explain 50 guns sitting in the living room for an Instagram photo shoot to the cops? By all means defend the Second Amendment and our gun rights - just don't do it by yelling "yeehaa" while shooting at watermelons.

Everyone Knows About Your Stash

We like to stay low key and prefer that people not know what we have. It seems like letting the world know about your ammo supply and gun stockpile is a step away from an invitation to your home. If you have the security measures in place and the training to fend off your enemies go for it. We live by the old prepper rule of not letting anyone know about your stash.

You Can't Afford It

Sure, eventually the free ammo and firearms on loan from Buds Guns might come rolling in .... but till then you're going to be self financed and we all know that gun stuff ain't cheap. Noveske, Daniel Defense, 300 blackout ... how many credit cards do you have cause you can't review the same gun twice.

If after our brotherly advice you decide you still want to Pewtube, then go for it. Send us a link to subscribe so we can support you. Just be sure to read this article first to avoid becoming another bad YouTube channel.