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When Should You Hire a Plumber?

When Should You Hire a Plumber?
When Should You Hire a Plumber?

Water is an indispensable part of every human life. Our individual need water for includes basic purposes like washing, cleaning and so on but most importantly for drinking. Without clean drinking water there is no life. In earlier days, water was bought to our homes from wells or rivers by hand. Thanks to progresses in technology, water now reaches every home through pipelines. We take it for granted that when we turn on the faucet, tap, or shower, water will freely flow. It's only when that flow is interrupted that we realize how much we take water for granted.

To withstand the constant pressures of water flow, plumbing lines need to be nearly flawless. If there is any leakage in joints or cracks in pipes, you will notice the problem as a reduced flow of water, leak, or no flow at all. How water gets to your house can be a bit complex, but all that the average person needs to know is that when you first notice a problem it's time to address the issue.

The question then becomes: is the problem something you can handle yourself or should you hire a plumber? Let's take a look at some common plumbing problems to see if you can handle it yourself or need to call a professional plumber.

When Should You Hire a Plumber?

5 Common Plumbing issues

Lack of Hot Water

If you are unable to get hot water out of the bath or while washing hands, the problem is most likely with the water heater. This is going to be a more advanced problem and it makes sense to call in the pros for this job. In cold weather season not getting hot water can be a serious issue causing pipes to freeze and break, besides the obvious issue of cold showers, so call the plumber as soon as you notice the problem.

Overflowing Water from Toilets or Sinks

A quite frequent problem that most of us have experienced, an overflow usually occurs when something gets lodged in the drain system causing water to flow out onto the floor. Calling a plumber for a clog isn't really necessary in most cases. Usually, this is a pretty easy fix that you can do yourself. A plumber will come to help with an apparatus which you can easily purchase yourself. A plunger or plumbing snake is easily purchased at just about any home improvement store and helps to remove the blockage so that the water can drain again. The key is having the plunger before you need it.

Continuous Water Dripping from Toilets or Sinks

You might first notice a slow leak late at night while trying to sleep: that drip, drip sound not only can keep you awake at night, but is costing you money on your water bill. Ignore the problem long enough and the leak could be costly if drywall and flooring is damaged or mold forms.

When you have a slow and steady leak in the water system, most likely a seal or connection is to blame. Look for the source of the leak to determine if fixing it yourself is an option or if a plumber is required. Wax rings under the toilet can be replaced fairly easily, and seals or connections can be done by DIY'ers as well. Problems requiring welding or soldering are more advanced and should be referred to a plumber unless you have experience in those areas.

Low or No Water Pressure

If you go to take a shower or wash your hands and notice that the water pressure is low, several issues could be to blame. A restriction in the water lines could be slowing the water flow, or a leak could be diverting much of the water elsewhere. Take a look around the house and see if you can find any wet spots or leaks that could be a sign of plumbing trouble. Most likely, if things have reached the point of being noticeable, the leak is pretty big and you might find a puddle or severe water damage.

A broken pipe is something you might choose to tackle yourself, but if significant water damage is present you are going to need the expertise of a professional plumber. If you are having a hard time finding a leak then the problem may be outside the house and a sign to call in the professionals.

Sudden Burst Pipe

This is a more advanced problem that occurs when plumbing is faulty. The most common cause is the age of the pipeline as old pipes wear out and rust, causing them to eventually give out. Other causes of a burst pipe include impact with an object, or even the use of low-quality or incorrect plumbing materials.

A burst pipe may or not be something you can handle yourself depending on your DIY experience and location of the faulty pipe. A burst pipe inside the house, such as under a sink, is something you can easily fix with a little confidence and a few tools. A local home improvement store can supply a piece of new pipe and even guidance if you ask. Tools wise, your going to need a pipe wrench and possibly a pipe cutter depending on your problem. These are worthwhile tools for any home owner to have in their tool box.

If the burst pipe is outside your home, such as underground, or you decide that the problem is more than you think you can handle - a plumber will fix the issue by changing the pipe with a new section of proper quality material.

When Should You Hire a Plumber?

Calling a Professional Plumber

The plumbing both inside and outside the house requires periodic attention to stay in good working order. This maintenance is often overlooked until your water supply comes to a stop and the flow is interrupted. If you have overlooked things and found the problem is more than you can handle yourself, a professional plumber can get things back to normal.

The best plumbers can meet your exact requirements at the best price. They can handle jobs like basic maintenance work as well as more difficult things like installing water heaters. Complex issues like rerouting pipes or upgrading your plumbing system from old cast iron to modern copper will cost more, but are necessary to ensure that your plumbing system functions well. Sewage issues are definitely something a DIY'er should call for help on.

If your plumbing issues require a professional, be sure to ask for a quote first and if the problem isn't an emergency, call for other quotes to ensure that you are getting a fair price. Also be sure to verify that the plumber you choose is licensed and insured in case issues arise later.


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