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5 Things That Should Be in Every Nightstand

Most of us hate having to get out of bed in the middle of the night. You're all warm and snuggly under your blanket, curled up with your favorite love doll so bumping into things on your way to the light switch is definitely what you can call an inconvenience.

Getting up in the middle of the night could be because of your girly bladder, or it could be prompted by a noise or emergency that requires that you act fast. Natural disasters, fires, or the sound of an intruder might be the call to action that requires quick thinking and a few emergency items at the ready. Keeping those items nearby, like in your night stand, could save your life.

Now normally, our night stand doesn't have much but condoms and lube, so there is plenty of drawer space begging for utilization. That' why we have compiled this list of items that should be in every nightstand. Many of them are things we already carry as part of our EDC. A few items are things that we think just make sense. Check out our list and if you have something to contribute comment below.

Cell Phone

This one is obvious, and most of us keep our cell phones within arms reach anyway. If you don't then you should. We keep our cell phone on the charger by the bed in case we need to call 911 in an emergency. An added bonus of having your cell phone on the nightstand is that you can control smart home devices via app.

Installing a few smart lights in your house which can be turned on from your bed is a wise investment. They just might shock an intruder long enough to give you precious seconds to prepare and possibly prevent even more dire situations if the intruder has second thoughts.

Self Defense Item

Probably the most obvious item, having something for self-defense nearby is a must. For most of us that weapon will be a gun. But if you're a bit gun shy other things can do the trick: a knife, baseball bat, even some brass knuckles is better than nothing when defending your family against an intruder.

If you have children or someone in the house who may stumble onto the weapon, purchase a locking safe to place on the nightstand, or keep your magazine in a drawer away from the gun. Even if the ammo is in a nearby dresser, you will still be able to arm yourself before facing the intruder.


If you are like us, you spend a couple minutes every morning wondering where you left your keys. That's why it's a good idea of getting into the habit of placing your EDC items, like your keys, in the same place every day. The nightstand or a valet placed on top is the perfect location to place these critical items. Not only will they be in arms reach should you need them - but you will save precious time by not looking for them in what could be a life or death situation. You could also signal for help and draw attention by setting off your car alarm.


Having a high output flashlight is another must in any tactically oriented nightstand. Not only will a bright flashlight blind an intruder just long enough to get the upper hand, it could also be used as a defense weapon. A flashlight can also be used as a signal device. Many models have a strobe feature that you could use to draw attention or alert neighbors that you need help.

Protective Items

A mask or bandana in your nightstand drawer could be a life saving item that allows you to get out of a house fire. Smoke builds quickly and will slow your exit if you are inhaling smoke and coughing. Keep a mask or bandana for every member of the family in the drawer. Likewise, a fire extinguisher could prevent a small emergency from becoming a deadly one. Several spray can sized fire extinguishers are available for right around $10. There is no reason not to have one nearby.

A Well Equipped Backpack

Of course, if you want to go all in and build the truly tactical nightstand you can keep a full GoBag stocked and loaded with emergency supplies and vital items at the ready. This could be placed right by the bed, or hidden in a closet for emergencies. A few comfort items like energy bars and snacks, clothing like a t-shirt or sweater and socks, and important documents saved on a thumb drive can make the need for a quick evacuation even quicker.