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How Home Landscaping Can Positively Impact Your Health

How Home Landscaping Can Impact Health In A Positive Way

A great landscaping design aims to enhance the beauty of your home. This can help with curb appeal and quite often bring added value when it's time to sell. To create a great landscaping plan your first goal should be to enhance the visible area at the front of your home, along walkways, and if time and budget permits - you can extend your landscaping plan to the backyard and throughout the property.

Even though the rewards of curb appeal and resale value provide plenty of inspiration for homeowners, designing the landscaping area is not an easy task. Be prepared for lots of hard work and a little homework to research what plants work well together and fit the seasons of your area. Many home improvement stores can help answer these kinds of questions if you just ask.

How Home Landscaping Can Positively Impact Your Health

When you are ready to take the plunge into landscaping, there are a few tasks you need to perform to design your outdoor area. Watering, selecting plants, installation of decorative items, installing proper pathways and driveways in the garden area and soil testing is needed for landscaping to really pop. Take a look at the following types of landscaping elements and make a list of what you have to work with, what needs fixing or replacing, and what items you do not have that you would like to include in the plan:

Types of landscaping elements:

• Walkways • Fences • Driveways • Flower Beds • Lawns • Water Gardens • Shrubs • Fountains

Before you start digging up the front yard, take some time to consider the future plans for your home. If you intend to stay for years, you might want to increase your budget and purchase younger plants or trees that will grow with you and your family. If the goal is a quick flip, purchasing more mature plants (that are more expensive) will be necessary and you might want to opt for a less intricate design to save money.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the whole process, you can hire some designers to create the blueprint for your outdoor landscape area. Then you can supply the manual labor portion to save money. Though it's a dirty job, I promise it is a project you can do on your own over the course of a weekend or two. Also keep in mind that by modifying or working with the features already existing on the property, you can save money and time. You don't always need to start from scratch.

Why is landscaping is good for your health?

If you need more motivation to take on a landscaping or gardening project this spring, here are a few other things to consider: In our busy lives, we don’t get much time to indulge in gardening, but if we do it can help us burn calories nearly equal to other strenuous exercises.This lower impact exercise can offer an alternative to the gym on nice days, or serve as a way to mix things up when the gym just doesn't sound like fun.

The wonderful thing about landscaping is that a well thought out area offers health benefits that many homeowners overlook. Landscaping enhances the harmony between your home and the outside area. It also gives you the chance to escape to a peaceful and beautiful location that can brighten your mood. This leads to a better sense of well being and relaxation. Consider this as well:

Health benefits of landscaping:

1. Great source of Natural Vitamin D: Working in a garden or spending some time in a landscaped space at the right time of a day can provide Vitamin D by sun exposure. This is important for both the elderly as well as for the children.

2. Landscaping and gardening aids in improving concentration and memory: working amidst nature helps people to develop more focused concentration on the task at hand, while providing a calmness of mind leading to better cognition. Studies show that greenery can even increase the performance of workers by twenty percent.

3. The therapeutic effect: A garden with neatly manicured flower beds and perfectly mowed lawns provide a calming effect to weary minds and souls, especially older people or those who work stressful jobs. People who spend the occasional weekend working on their own garden can feel the rejuvenating effects of nature and refresh their mind. The sight of a beautiful garden, decorated with nice flowers in blossom, bees humming and birds chirping is a great stress buster and is the perfect place to spend time with family.

4. Cleaner Air: We are all worried about the high level of pollution and the associated airborne diseases. Landscaped gardens not only provide us a visual delight but also clean air. Plants and trees help remove lots of poisonous gases, and you can prevent dust and smoke with some smaller plants throughout your house and walk area. Just a few houseplants can really bring about a change in the air quality inside your home.

5. Promotes physical fitness: Most of us lead very busy lives with little or no time to work out. Landscaping can help us get a chance to lose weight by engaging in some sweat equity by gardening. Bending over to pull weeds or getting down to plant new trees can burn some serious calories that also helps you get physically fit and even reduce blood pressure.

6. Eat from the kitchen garden: Whatever is produced in your garden is healthy and will naturally be organic. Not only does that save money at the grocery store, knowing the source and quality of your food is reassuring when so many foods are grown with toxic chemicals and fertilizers.

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