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5 Reasons Why Coronavirus is Legit and You Should Be Scared

It's Spreading Fast

We all see how fast a flu can spread around the office, and coronavirus is making the common cold look like a chump. In just a few weeks, COVID-19 has spread globally despite media attention and official warnings from nearly every government on the planet. At the time of this article there have been 4,638 coronavirus related deaths.

It's Everywhere

The corona virus isn't an isolated problem. It's a worldwide pandemic which means that the infection rate, and casualties, could skyrocket. We are seeing more and more cases inside the United States leading to a decision yesterday by President Trump to apply flight restrictions. In other words, international flight has been stopped until the virus can be stopped. The US is not the first country to apply such restrictions either. That isn't good.

People Are Not Prepared

We have all seen the reports: the masses are freaking out and raiding every super market for toilet paper. People are fighting in store isles like it's a black Friday sale. Truth of the matter, the majority of people are not equipped to last a week without leaving their house, let alone endure a quarantine that could last a month or more. Preppers everywhere are sitting back and laughing while saying "I told you so". Expect civil unrest as the virus spreads.

It's Wrecking Global Economies

With flights being halted, we are going to see world economies grind to a halt. Though overseas shipping will continue for now, health measures to prevent the further spread of the virus will slow transport to a crawl. That means supplies of most goods will dry up - driving up prices.

Investors are already aware of the disastrous effects of COVID-19 after the recent stock market crash on March 9th that was the biggest since the 2008 recession. Some analysts are predicting that more is to come. Even if we had a cure tomorrow, the effects of coronavirus will be felt in financial sectors for years to come.

A Definitive Vaccine Is Far Off

Wuhan province has reported that a possible vaccine is on the way, but clinical trials are not set to begin until the end of April. Another biotech company, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, also plans to begin clinical trials on it's version of a coronavirus vaccine in April as well. That's over a month away and many will die before the vaccine is ready. And what if that proposed vaccine doesn't work or has side effects?

What do you think?

Is coronavirus AKA COVID-19 a legitimate threat or are people overreacting? Comment Below.