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5 Reasons Why Coronavirus is a Nothingburger and You are Overreacting

People are really freaking out over the coronavirus, It's been all over the news and continues spreading like wildfire. While we do understand and think you should be concerned, we wanted to take a bit of a lighthearted look at the problem since we think the panic is unwarranted. Here is why we think the masses are overreacting to coronavirus

It's Been Here for a Long Time

If you are a conspiracy theorist, then you have probably seen the memes on Facebook of Clorox bottles and Lysol cans mentioning coronavirus on the label. Yes, this does prove that the virus has been around for some time, but the strain we are seeing is a new one. So no, it's not some new government created Agenda 21 population control mechanism. It's something we have known about for awhile but just have not seen it take this shape or form so to speak.

It's Basically a Really, Really Bad Cold

Sure, we are over simplifying for the sake of argument, but coronavirus is basically a really bad cold. It's one hell of a cold for sure, but just because it's in your neighborhood doesn't mean you're going to get it. And if you get infected it doesn't mean you're going to die. So stop overreacting.

Just like with any cold, flu, or just about any other disease - not everyone is affected. The elderly and those with weak immune systems or pre-existing conditions are the majority of those who have been ravaged by coronavirus. Sounds like any other virus or disease to us. If you are taking precautions, you should be fine.

It's Mostly Preventable With Basic Hygiene

It's funny to see everyone running out to buy hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. There have been people offering advice along the lines of washing your hands properly and showering frequently. We even saw a video of a government official giving instructions of how to properly cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. That's hilarious.

Why? That's something we did all along. What are you some dirt bag that walks around sneezing and coughing on everything? We are pretty sure that personal hygiene was a lesson provided the first week of preschool, but maybe you missed a day due to your sissy immune system. What seriously concerns us is how many people that are essentially revealing how poor their personal hygiene is. I mean we knew about it based on how many guys we see leaving the bathroom without washing their hands, but every suspicion you may have had is confirmed.

The Deadliness of Covid-19 is Being Overplayed

Yes, coronavirus has killed 4,638 people to date. We will see more deaths. But did you know that 68,325 people have recovered from the virus? Did you also know that 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year? Sure COVID-19 is no joke, but it isn't something to panic about.

The media is playing up the numbers rather than the percentages to create fear. The question is why? They say that a president gets reelected if the economy is good, and coronavirus sure is tanking the economy. But that's the topic of a whole different article.

A Vaccine is on the Way

Vaccines take time to develop, especially because they require time for clinical trials to ensure that there are no adverse reactions. You better believe that biotech companies and research labs around the world are working around the clock looking for a vaccine. The profits on such a vaccine will be huge and everyone is going to want to be the one that finds it.

Researchers in the Wuhan province have reported that a possible vaccine is on the way and clinical trials are set to begin at the end of April. Another biotech company, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, also plans to begin clinical trials on it's version of a coronavirus vaccine in April as well. Sure it might take a month or two, but one will be found.

What do you think?

Is coronavirus AKA COVID-19 a legitimate threat or are people overreacting? Comment Below.