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Penn State Students Hold Candlelight Vigil for Closed Taco Bell

from Fox News:

Pour out a little Mountain Dew Baja Blast for a Taco Bell in Pennsylvania, which will never again serve up Chalupas, Quesaritos or even Fire Sauce packets to the good people of Penn State.

A large crowd of students at Penn State gathered on Sunday night to mourn the loss of a Taco Bell location in the town of State College, after the fast-food restaurant abruptly closed last week.

The vigil, organized by computer science major Prajesh Patel, reportedly drew not only students, but also locals and former employees of the now-shuttered eatery.

“We were all shooketh after hearing about the closing of this beautiful, beautiful State College establishment,” said Patel, who appeared before the crowd wearing a tortilla costume, according to Penn State’s student-run Daily Collegian. “Taco Bell was our home away from home, and added spice to our life."

Footage from Sunday night’s event shows attendees placing candles and flowers at the site of the former East College Avenue restaurant, while others joined in to sing a somber rendition of “The Penn State Alma Mater.”

Judging by the footage, as well as the event’s popularity when it was first announced on Facebook, scores of people turned out to pay their respects to their beloved Taco Bell location.

“Being one of the best spots to spend a late night out, Taco Bell can never be replaced,” read a message posted alongside the event’s Facebook invitation. “If you share the same feelings come out and support your Happy Valley community. We will be sharing kind words and lighting candles. Everyone is encouraged to let the world know how they feel!”

Sources who worked at the Taco Bell near Penn State told the Daily Collegian that they were glad to see such a great turnout, but could not comment on why the location closed, aside from hinting that “legal issues” had something to do with it.

Taco Bell's corporate headquarters, while not confirming the reason for the location's closure, joined in mourning the loss. In a statement shared with Fox News, however, the company added that students may not have to wait so long for a replacement restaurant.

“We join the Penn State community in mourning the loss of this local Taco Bell. While gone, it’s certainly not forgotten and we look to the support of other local Taco Bell restaurants in the community," the Taco Bell Corporation stated. "We’re happy to share that all team members from the former restaurant have been offered roles at nearby locations and a new State College, PA location is set to open this spring.”