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Husband Glues Wife's Vagina Shut After She Cheated On Him

Husband Glues Wife's Vagina Shut After She Cheated On Him

According to Daily Star, a nut job husband admitted to sealing his wife's vagina shut with superglue after stating that she cheated on him with four different men.

Dennis Mumo, 36, from Kitui in southern Kenya says that he became aware of his wife's affairs by checking her social media messages. He claims to have seen nudes as well including one exchange with a man containing the message: "Next week will be fire!"

Apparently, whenever he left town on business she would engage in the cheating. Thinking he found a solution to the problem, Mumo sealed her genitals with superglue before leaving on his last business trip.

The wife was not named, but stated to police that she was in excruciating pain and required medical attention. Mumo was arrested and told police he did it to save his marriage.

The man appear before a court where he will most likely be charged with domestic abuse. He may also be charged with assault if her reproductive organs are damaged, thus making her infertile.

Mumo's has hired a lawyer who is demanding that the wife not go without punishment herself. The lawyer is asking that she receive 100 lashes for her crime of adultery to prevent further "misunderstandings" between the couple.