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5 Gift Ideas For Any House Warming Party

5 Gift Ideas For Any House Warming Party

For most of us, purchasing a house is a defining moment in our lives. It means that you have made the decision to settle down, lay roots, and build a life in one spot. Buying a house is bound to bring lots of emotions and sharing that experience with family and friends is what many of us do by having a house warming party.

If you are invited to a house warming party, especially by someone who is a first time home owner, it's a good idea to bring a gift that can help celebrate the occasion. The question is - what is the perfect gift for a new home owner? We put together a list of 5 things that any new home owner will love and appreciate.

5 Gift Ideas For Any House Warming Party

Games and Snacks

A simple gift that will yield plenty of hours of entertainment is a game and snacks. Just about every single homeowner imagines the family time and laughter that will be had in their new residence. What better way to contribute to those memories than a new board or card game ? You can go the extra mile and package that new game in a gift basket full of snacks and pop corn. We are sure you will get an invite to their first family fun night.

5 Gift Ideas For Any House Warming Party

Personalized Stationary or an Address Stamper

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift that is also classy, personalized stationary is a good choice. Most of us don't write many letters nowadays, but nothing feels better than seeing your name and address on stationary. Another option that is a little more versatile is an address stamper. New home owners can use a stamper to mark envelopes, books, the list is endless.

5 Gift Ideas For Any House Warming Party

A Gift Card to a Home Improvement Store

Normally, we wouldn't recommend giving gift cards since they can feel a bit impersonal. But when it comes to a house, EVERY single one will have a hidden problem that pops up unexpectedly. Take a look and see what home improvement stores are nearby and get a gift card for the new home buyer.

It might be something that seems trivial now, but your friend or family member will remember you again when the unexpected occurs and they find themselves DIYing a problem one Saturday morning. They will have your gift card to help ease the burn of repair costs. Wondering what home improvement store is best? Check out this article.

5 Gift Ideas For Any House Warming Party

A Personalized Door Mat

If you think you know the home owner pretty well and can match their personal style, a personalized door mat will make a lasting impression. A door mat is one of those must haves when moving into a new residence, helping to keep all the mud and dirt outside. The thing is, most of us forget to get one during all the stress and commotion of moving. You can be the hero by giving a personalized door mat as a gift. It will help keep the carpets clean during the house warming party.

5 Gift Ideas For Any House Warming Party

Something for the Pets

Changing environments can be a struggle for pets, so if the new home owner has a dog, cat, or other pet - consider targeting your house warming gift towards this family member that probably went overlooked during the moving process. It could be a simple box of treats or a new toy, but the thought will be appreciated by both the home owner and the pet.


Consider yourself lucky if you get invited to a house warming party. It means that someone thinks you are special enough to be a part of the memories they are creating. Just be sure to arrive with a well thought out gift. You can't go wrong with any of the items on our list, but if you chose something else tell us what gave as a house warming gift in the comments below.


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