• Mr. Right

Big Fish Small Pond

I remember back in high school, there was a handful of girls everyone tripped over. You know what I mean, the hot girls. The ones everyone drooled over and desperately tried to talk to. Usually, they were total snobs to everyone not part of their circle. They knew they were hot, and made sure to rub it in everyone’s face. They dated the jock because he held the highest status in the school and looked down on anyone that wasn't a stepping stone towards a higher social status.

Then I went away to college. I was exposed to a bigger pond of fish AKA women. Suddenly what was hot just a short time ago was now mediocre. You start to realize that there are plenty of (better) fish in the sea. And that you don't have to settle for a girl that is a local 10 when on the bigger scale she is a 7.

Now what makes perfect 10 is subjective, and isn't just all about looks. But I think we can all agree that there should be some shared values, trust, and a good bit of laughter. Despite being able to easily name what kind of significant other they want, I watch so many guys fixate on one fish that meets very few of the qualities they are looking for. Despite a list of red flags, they dedicate all their efforts to one 'catch' and end up friend zoned, rejected, and hurt. Why?

The pond is so big that settling for a laundry list of problems is unnecessary. Sure, you may spend years fishing to find the right catch but look at the down sides. You could end up married and divorced, splitting assets, or end up paying alimony and child support while dealing with years of bickering and court battles.

Step outside your pond and look around. You might find a better catch. Find new holes to fish in.