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Dad Recorded Baby Noises For a Year To Make This AC/DC Cover

One dad named Matt MacMillan had a brilliant idea - record his son Ryan making baby noises and combine those sounds into a full on AC/DC cover of the song Thunderstruck. We were intrigued enough to check out the video and we are glad we did. It's pretty cute. And we support any future metal head even if it is a baby.

If putting together a video of baby noises sounds like it would take a while to get right, it did. Daddy Matt says "It took forever". But the patience paid off and he found just the right sound clips to make it work. By combing more than 80 different clips featuring thumps, coughs, rattle shakes, and little baby noises he was able to create a cover of the metal classic.

Luckily baby Ryan seemed ready for the challenge of being an internet star. You can see him beating on the couch to provide bass drum sounds, slapping the floor for snare, and sneezing to provide the crash of a cymbal. Check out the cute video below: