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Boy George Defines Gender "Pronouns" for an Instagram Follower

One of the biggest controversies of 2019 was the push for the use of 'pronouns' to describe a persons sexuality. We saw a whole slew of 'pronouns' come into play and at last count we are up to nearly 50 gender identities. It's been a hot topic between those who recognize only two genders, and the left and LGBQT crowds who insist that sexuality and gender is so varied that we need additional labels to accurately portray sexual preference.

Maybe we are out of touch, but we remember when there were two genders and three sexual preferences: you either liked men, women, or both. That's why we are hoping that in 2020 and the new decade sexuality swings back to some sense of rationality.

An unlikely ally in the debate is singer Boy George. Though we can only name a few of his songs, we have to give some credit to the singer. The guy is an openly bisexual man who came out in 1983 about his sexuality in a Joan Rivers interview. In a now deleted Tweet, Boy George responded to a follower who asked what 'pronouns' are, to which BG responded " a modern form of attention seeking".