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Weird Conspiracy Links Dave Mustaine to 9/11

Weird Conspiracy Links Dave Mustaine to 9/11

We came across a conspiracy on 4chan that has the New Year starting off with a bang. An anonymous poster has suggested a link between Dave Mustaine, leader of the iconic heavy metal band Megadeth, and the events of 9/11.

Mustaine was a founding member of heavy metal band Metallica but was kicked out of the band due to his substance abuse issues. Dave didn't stay down for long though, quickly regrouping to form the band Megadeth. He serves as the thrash bands lead singer and rhythm guitarist and you could even say that he had the last laugh - Megadeth is widely regarded as just as influential to the metal scene. Even though the band isn't as mainstream, Megadeth fans are rabid and you can count us among the devotees. We would even argue that Mustaine was the driving force behind Metallica.

Besides blistering fast riffs and technicality, Mustaine has always brought a political charge to the band with his lyrics. He has addressed several topics including war, political corruption, injustice and economic crisis through songs like 'Symphony of Destruction', 'Peace Sells', 'Architecture of Aggression', 'Take no Prisoners', 'Foreclosure of a Dream', and many others. You could call Megadeth thinking mans heavy metal.

Weird Conspiracy Links Dave Mustaine to 9/11

To start, the conspiracy takes notice that Dave Mustaine was born September 13th of 1961. The tragic 9/11 event occurred exactly two days after his 40th birthday. That's a pretty weak connection, but the meat of the conspiracy is in the lyrics and release dates of albums.

Most metal heads regard Rust in Peace as the bands finest album and one of the all time great metal records. It was released September 24th of 1990 - the same month when Mustaine was born and exactly 11 days after Mustaine's birthday. Still a stretch, but the album includes the bands masterpiece song 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due' which talks about religious conflicts and prejudice. Shortly after a middle eastern inspired instrumental section we hear lyrics like: "The end is near, it's crystal clear part of the master plan. Don't look now to Israel, it might be in your homeland. Holy Wars". Die hard Megadeth historians will note that Mustaine Dave Mustaine went on a short rant about Saddam Hussein before playing Holy Wars at the Rock in Rio II festival. The poster points out that the Invasion of Iraq and Saddam's death were consequences of the so-called War on Terror that took place after 9/11.

Weird Conspiracy Links Dave Mustaine to 9/11

So far, it's a weak connection. It doesn't take a prophet to predict religious tensions around the world. After all religious conflict has existed throughout history. But following "Holy Wars", you have the song "Hangar 18" which the 4chan poster says reinforces the Mustaine 9/11 connection.

At face value, the mostly instrumental Hangar 18 is about the infamous location reported to hold crashed UFO's. But lyrics of note include: "Impossible to break these walls, For you see the steel is much too strong." That could be a hint at 9/11 given that how jet fuel can't melt steel beams and how the Twin Towers were built to withstand a plane crash yet somehow collapsed.

Next, we have the following lyrics: "The military intelligence, Two words combined that can't make sense" which could be interpreted as a warning for Americans to distrust intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the NSA. Well, duh.

On May 15th of 2001, the year when the terrorist attacks were meant to take place, Megadeth releases a new album, 'The World Needs a Hero'. What's worth noting about this album is a song called 'Return to Hangar'. Coincidentally enough, Dave Mustaine made a callback to a song released 11 years prior, and released it just in the year when the 9/11 attacks would take place. Isn't it funny how many coincidences are happening in this dude's life?

In "Return to Hangar", Dave Mustaine tells yet another story about the mysterious hangar from 1990. But this time, things have changed: "Welcome to an empty fortress, a mighty wreck that once was proud". Hangar 18 is destroyed, the aliens have escaped, and the crew is dead. While it could be interpreted as a silly story about aliens, it is quite unsettling that among all the other weird things about Hangar 18, Dave talks about how it is destroyed in the exact same year that the destruction of 9/11 would take place. It's an interesting theory, but we highly doubt that Megadeth and Dave Mustaine have any connection or insider information about 9/11. But what do you think?