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Florence Pugh Responds to Fan Who Said Zach Braff is Too Old For Her

Florence Pugh is one sexy lady, which is why we featured her in one of our What is Sexy posts awhile back. The up and coming star impressed everyone with her role in last summers Midsommar and will be one of the main characters in the upcoming MCU Black Widow movie.

As hot as she is, you knew she wouldn't stay single for long. We didn't know it, but the 23 year old Pugh has been dating 44 year old Zach Braff - the guy from the show Scrubs and movies like Garden State. That is hardly news, unless you are the one fan who chimed in on Instagram to question the age difference between the two.

Anastasiaglover seemed to think that the 21-year age difference between the couple was too much. The comment got some likes, but Florence Pugh's response got a whole lot more. The actress didn't let the negativity get to her, replying "and yet he got it."

Good for Florence. Who cares about the age difference? They are both legal aged, consenting adults. If they have things in common and enjoy each others time we should be congratulating them on finding 'the one'. Screw the haters.

What do you think?

Is a 21 year age gap too much for a relationship to work? Comment below.