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This Toilet Promises to Increase Productivity

This Toilet Promises to Increase Productivity

We all know that guy at work who is known for taking long breaks to the bathroom. The guy at our work place tends to disappear right after lunch for another 30 minutes, leaving us to hold down the fort while he gets some additional time away. Sure it's annoying, but we never felt it was enough of a problem to actually intervene with engineering.

One startup toilet manufacturer has decided enough is enough, inventing a toilet that promises to increase workplace productivity by limiting how long you can comfortably sit on the can. StandardToilet says that "In modern times, the workplace toilet has become private texting and social media usage space" adding "with the advent of flexible zero hour contracts it is easy to see why our StandardToilet can be an asset to a business."

The company says that businesses loses billions of dollars in productivity every year due to employees taking to long in the bathroom. The company has designed a toilet with a slanted seat, intended to make it less comfortable for workers to hang out in the bathroom for extended periods, thus limiting employees from spending so much time on social media.

StandardToilet's founder Mahabir Gill says that the 13 degree slope of the seat makes it uncomfortable to sit on for more than 5 minutes - meaning you can get back to work sooner and spend less time scrolling social media.

The toilet starts at $200 and costs as much as $650 which means employers will have to shell out some serious cash to replace the toilets at work, but if your boss can milk a few more minutes of work from you - expect to see them in the office bathroom soon.

This Toilet Promises to Increase Productivity


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