• Mr. Right

Why You Should Limit Compliments

A lot of guys make a major mistake when pursuing the opposite sex: handing out random compliments. Now don't get me wrong, guys are just trying to make their interest known with a well intended compliment - hoping that the lady they have an eye on responds. The problem is in the outcome.

I was recently sitting at lunch with a group of coworkers, both male and female, when a guy told one of the girls at our table that she looked really nice today. Harmless right? A little while later the guy left the table and the women began making fun of his compliment - "OMG! that was so awkward!" They all had a nice laugh behind the guys back.

I have seen this kind of behavior many times over the years, women laughing about a compliment or more often, laughing at the guy who gave the compliment. Now I am not saying this is all women, it tends to be the type you'd want - the attractive ones who get plenty of attention from men. Since they get so much attention based on their looks, they tend to be more judgmental in whom they want it from. If you're not their "type" you sound creepy or weird. It sad, but that's the state of dating now.

That's why it's time for guys to be more judicious in who they compliment. Treat a compliment like a $100 bill. You wouldn't hand over that kind of cash to just anyone would you? So don't hand out compliments freely either. Pick and choose who to give your compliments to - those who will appreciate it, or to a lady who needs a pick me up. You can make someone day with a compliment, but hand out niceties too often and they lose value.

So next time you are about to compliment the girl at work on her skirt (which is just so damn short and sexy) think about how much she would value your compliment and if it would propel you're relationship with her further. Is taking notice of her appearance likely to get you a number, date, or sex? Probably not. So don't validate her social media driven need for attention. Save your compliment for later after you have talked to her and found her worthy of your compliments.

On the other hand, it's perfectly fine (and I highly recommended) complimenting your significant other often. Tell your wife she looks sexy, tell your girlfriend how good her new hair color looks. If she is making an effort to look good for you let her know that you have noticed. Save those $100 bills for women who deserve them.