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Subliminal Messaging in the Democratic Debate

Subliminal Messaging in the Democratic Debate

Many Reddit posters have been quick to point out the the subtle subliminal messaging in the Democratic debates that seem to be pushing for certain candidates. Those candidates fit the current party stances, while others who seem lean towards center or right are being carefully pointed out as candidates you shouldn't vote for. Take a look at this screenshot:

Subliminal Messaging in the Democratic Debate

Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the perfect Democratic candidate - female, from a Blue state, etc yet is continually portrayed in red and gets little press coverage or screen time. Is it because of her anti-war and centrist views? Same with fellow candidate Andrew Yang, who barely gets a chance to speak during the debate.

The skeptic will be quick to point out that the camera shots are rolling, and many of the candidates are shown near a red background. True, but when it comes to a side by side, as in debate, it's clear who the debate is encouraging you to vote for. Look at the video below. At 23:57 we see Tulsi Gabbard straight on, in front of a red background. As she speaks of the Democratic party no longer being for the people, the camera zooms to crop out the blue and emphasize the red. She continues to urge for the end of the "Bush, Clinton, Trump Doctrine" surrounded by red.

At 23:50, we see Kamala Harris take the screen with a completely blue background. When we get side by side shots of Gabbard and Harris debating, Tulsi is always red and Harris always blue. Later Tom Steyer and Amy Klobuchar get the blue treatment before Andrew Yang takes the screen with a red background.

As the debate progresses, every single candidate who is on board with the full party platform gets the blue treatment, while Yang and Gabbard are repeatedly shown in red. Senator Bernie Sanders seems to always get a mixed red and blue background, suggesting that his views are in the middle and not fully on board with the "Democratic Program". He appears at 2:03:50 at appears with mixed colors during his time, before yielding to Elizabeth Warren (2:05:30) who has a blue background.

It's obvious to us that these 'debates' are pushing not only a platform, but certain candidates.

But what do you think?

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