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Proof that Video Games Cause Violence?

Proof that Video Games Cause Violence?

A lot of people think that video games make kids violent, and while we don't think that's true - we see the argument that constant exposure to violence can desensitize us to its consequences. The colorized image above of Hitler playing PS2 just might be the proof that slams the case closed once and for all, proving that video games do create monsters capable of causing World Wars.

The photo was made public by an anonymous researcher who stated that he believes the image was retrieved by Allied forces from Hitler's underground bunker in Antarctica. We get a clear picture of Hitler's man cave featuring tacky thrift store furniture. Eva Braun's arm can be seen in the photo.

No one knows what game the Fuhrer was playing but rumors suggest that it was the banned and controversial Manhunt 2 - often cited as the most violent video game of all time. It was previously thought that Hitler didn't have the hand eye coordination for first person shooter games, preferring easy games like Atari's Pong.

The image understandably has researchers second guessing much of what we have been taught about Nazi history. Some are now even saying that the Nazi's may have been much further along in their technology than anyone ever thought.

The message is clear: remove all video games from your home to prevent future violence.

In case you didn't know: THIS WAS A JOKE.