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First-Ever Look Inside Epstein’s Private Island

First-Ever Look Inside Epstein’s Private Island

A YouTube channel called WeAreChange uploaded a behind the scenes look at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island called Little St. James Island. Featuring spectacular views of the Caribbean, it's situated a close distance from Richard Branson’s own Island and is surrounded by shark infested waters.

WeAreChange is the work of Luke Rudkowski and Jeff Berwick, AKA the Dollar Vigilante. The two say that they took the risk to expose the lies which are covering up the real story. Previously leaked drone footage of the island was captured by an unnamed operator and provided a birds eye view, but many of the items seen on that footage have since been removed by FBI investigators when a raid took place over the summer.

The nearly 20 minute video gives a close up tour of the island unlike anything we have seen in the media to date. These guys took it a step further and went where no media had gone before: they hopped in a boat and, with the help of a boat captain they they convinced to drop them off, went right up to the island. The captain had refused previously, fearing his boat would be seized, but in the spur of the moment changed his mind and said "you have five seconds".

As they walk the grounds recording everything they see, we get a look at a beachfront office that looks like a life guard station, a sundial, and the infamous strange temple (seen above). Interestingly, they note that the temple was 'cheap' and had a painted on door. It also appears that Epstein had an interesting sense of decor. Several gargoyle statues and chairs with horns and animal skins can be seen on the grounds - adding to the conspiracy about Satanic activity connected to what happened on the Epstein Island.

The island appears to be completely abandoned, but the well manicured grounds suggest that the island is still being maintained. Turns out it is. About 30 minutes into filming we see that the island is still inhabited by island staff who begin chasing them. Rudkowski and Berwick most likely broke several trespassing laws by stepping onto the island so understandably leave as quick as they can.

They also claimed to have spoken locals who said that they were aware of Epstein's activities: “This wasn’t that big of a secret at all,” states Rudkowski citing conversations with locals. Berwick adds that such behavior appears to have been “incredibly out in the open.” Here is the video:

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