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What is Sexy: Kait's Unsafe Space

Kaitlin Bennett is a conservative, gun loving, pro Trump, anti-socalism, political activist who runs a Facebook Page called Kait's Unsafe Space. While she was a student at Kent State University, Kaitlin started a website called the Liberty Hangout to offer a place to share libertarian themed news. We actually became acquainted with the opinionated girl after we featured a story on her back in 2018. After graduating from Kent State University, Bennett returned to the anti gun campus to pose for pictures with her AR-10.

The story went viral, but it spread the message that everyone should have the right to defend themselves - especially on a campus where 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the government. On May 4, 1970 twenty eight National Guard solders fired 67 rounds in a period of 13 seconds, killing the four students and wounding nine more for protesting military action in Cambodia. If that doesn't make you understand the purpose of the second amendment, then nothing will.

Her 'Unsafe' page draws her a lot of hate, but we don't know why. Our best guess is that liberals just hate to engage in rational discussion - especially when you can back it up with evidence. If you are the thinking type who likes a lady who can back up her opinions, and isn't afraid to voice them, you'll find Kaitlin Bennett to be just about perfect. Just don't get your hopes up. She has a boyfriend.

Visit Kaitlin Bennett on Facebook at Kait's Unsafe Space

Follow her on Twitter where she has nearly 250k followers, and on Instagram

She still maintains her Liberty Hangout website that you can visit by clicking here.

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