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Hero Arm Bionic Prosthesis Proves the Future is Now

A company called Open Bionics has introduced the Hero Arm: a bionic prosthesis that functions like a human appendage, though you could argue it's an upgrade with all of its high tech features. What is amazing is how cool the company has made the prosthesis. Swappable covers allow a user to customize their arm just like a cell phone to match an outfit. Check out this Deus Ex Cover that looks like something straight out of the Iron Man movie:

Each Hero Arm is custom-built using 3D scanning and printing to create a medically certified prosthesis that weighs in at under 2.2 pounds but can lift nearly 18 pounds - making it a fully functional hand. Sensors allow the user to fully control the hand and arm, while beeps, buttons, lights, and haptic vibrations provide feedback during use. A 'freeze' mode allows the user to easily grip objects like a water bottle.

Users report that the prosthesis is durable and comfortable since it is fully adjustable, cleanable and breathable. Full articulation allows for wrist rotation, and control over grip strength with a proportioning feature even makes it possible to pick up delicate objects like an egg.

The arm is available to fit adults and children and is available for order right now through prosthetic clinics in the UK, USA, and France. Even more amazing is that the Hero Arm is the most affordable bionic hand available despite its technology rich features.

Check out the Hero Arm Bionic Prosthesis by clicking here