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Review: Magpul DAKA Pouch

We were so impressed by the Magpul DAKA Micro wallet that we recently reviewed that we had to pick up one of the DAKA pouches to give it a test. Of course, we had to have things match so we ordered our pouch in Olive Drab green to make a nice combo in our EDC set up.

One unique feature of the pouch is the dot grid field at the bottom left. This is a really nice feature that allows you to 'write in' a label for quick identification of the contents. We will bet you a Spyderco that the dot grid field is something that will be popping up on all sorts of EDC gear and bags (if Magpul doesn't have a patent on the idea).

Packaging of the Magpul DAKA Pouch. Notice the Made in USA

The Magpul line of DAKA pouches are available in the same four colorways as the wallets: black, flat dark earth, olive drab green, and stealth gray. The color options make it pretty easy to find one that works in what ever EDC bag you carry. Construction is based on the same polymer reinforced fabric with an anti-slip texture and permanently welded RF seams for water resistance and durability.

Magpul includes a card with a list of suggested uses and all are great ideas. An orange pouch would work as a high visibility blowout kit or first aid bag that's easy to identify in a backpack. Tech guys could use the pouch as a cable and memory card storage bag, and the material is tough enough to stand up to heavy duty use as a tool bag.

We plan to use it as an everything pouch: whatever items that do not have a dedicated spot in our bag will go in here. We picked up the Mapul DAKA in the small size which measures 6x9. It is available in three other sizes: 7x12, 9x13, and 9.8x16.2. Pick the size that fits your intended use. A windowed version of the pouch is available that has a see through front better suited for document carry.

The back of the pouch is identical to the front except for one feature - the dot grid field is not present on the back. It would have been nice to include on both sides, but that's hardly a reason to not purchase this quality pouch.

Don't mistake the material Magpul uses for Hypalon - the DAKA material is a little smoother and rougher, and has a slight sheen when held at an angle to the light. The polymer fabric claims to be chemical resistant and non-hygroscopic which means it's not going to absorb water or sweat. It's not truly waterproof since water could penetrate the seams, but if your caught in a light rain rest assured things are going to stay dry thanks to YKK Aquaguard zippers.

We would feel comfortable keeping our cellphone in the pouch on a hike, or storing semi-important documents in our bag.

Lanyard holes at the top corners look cool, but are also functional. You could attach paracord to make a sling to carry the DAKA pouch over your shoulder which makes it a light weight EDC option - though it would look a little like a purse/murse. You won't find us wearing it this way, but hey whatever floats your boat.

The interior is the same material, no liner of any kind, and lacks any sort or organization. But that's ok. This pouch was not designed as a major organizational pouch. It is meant as a simple water resistant dump pouch. If you purchase it with that in mind you will be happy.

Above you can see a couple of items for size reference. The notebook on the left is a Moleskine pocket sized, and you can also see the DAKA Micro wallet on the right. Ten Dreadnok Ripper figures could easily call the bag a hiding place if Joe is nearby.

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