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Post Malone Makes It Rain at Miami Club

Post Malone Makes It Rain at Miami Club

Our boy Post Malone is known to be a pretty simple dude - give him a pack of smokes and a Bud-light and he is a happy camper. But it looks like the success of his latest album Hollywood's Bleeding has him feeling secure enough to flash the cash. After all, the record continues to rake it in after being released on September 19th.

To celebrate the success of his tour, Post spent some time blowing off steam (and cash) this week by first showing some appreciation for his Rockstar collaborator and bud 21 Savage by gifting him a diamond-encrusted Rolex for his birthday.

Post followed that up with a trip to popular nightclub E11EVEN Miami where he was stacked with cash. Malone's manager, Dre London, shared pics on Instagram of the rapper holding stacks of bills that were liberally tossed in the air during his performance, and stuffed into the waistbands of bottle girls to their delight.

All said and done Post made it rain to the tune of 50 grand.

Now sure, Posty is known to show some bling and wear high fashion brands like any other rapper, but it's nice to see that he is humble enough to share that success with the people who helped him achieve it. Something we are sure to do to if we ever hit Powerball and can live like a rockstar or rapper.