• Mr. Right

Meme Warfare

I never cease to be amazed at how social media shapes and defines our relationships. How important it is to broadcast to the world how great things are going and how happy you are with your new flame. I watch couples share every moment of their time together - every trip, dinner, and day out for the world to bask in their perfection.

But every flame dies out eventually and that's when things turn ugly.

When the relationship ends, it seems like one person in the relationship has to take to social media to engage in a bit of meme warfare. You know what I am talking about - memes about finally being happy, about freedom, about finally getting to be the person they used to be before they met you. As if every moment they spent with you was a lie, and now that you are out of the picture, they can finally be themselves.

And all of this meme warfare has only one target in mind - you. It's a final dig at you aimed to cut you to the bone. A targeted strike to hit you when you are at your lowest. Regardless of who ended the relationship, it never feels good to break up. Spending months or years with someone who gets to see you at your weakest, who gets to see all your fears and insecurities, and then they take all of that intel and pick out the meme aimed right at your heart.

The intention is clear, I want to destroy you and act as if the power was mine all along.

Be bigger than that. You know that you could say just as many shitty things about them and cut them just as deep. Lash out in pain and anger adding fuel to a fire that will make both of you look bad. But what good comes out of continuing the fight? It's just more wasted time, and time is the one limited resource that money can't buy so use it wisely. Spend it recovering. Don't spend it continuing the fight. You love them and even though things didn't work out, you wish them no harm. If anything, you wish absolute happiness for them. It's just not something you could give.