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What is Sexy: Kate Beckinsale

Even though we couldn't name a movie other than Underworld that she has done, Kate Beckinsale is all over the headlines lately. Recently, the 46 year old actress (born July 26th, 1973) commented on how much she looks like actor Ryan Reynolds which made us scratch our heads. Earlier in the year, Kate was linked to several much younger men, including 25 year old SNL star Pete Davidson.

It seems that the actress has become a bit of a wild girl though Beckinsale once portrayed a bit of a good girl persona. In a 2003 interview she was quoted as saying "I've never been drunk even. I've never taken drugs. I've never had a one-night-stand" though admitted she is a smoker. It looks like all that is out the window though: rumors say that she loves the attention which seems to explain her more recent activity on Instagram where she has been blowing up the social media site with workout videos and evidence of her flexibility. The pics have earned her plenty of attention - including ours.

Whatever the reasons, the slim 5'-7" beauty is fun to look at with legs for miles. She says that she maintains her 34B-23-34 figure by avoiding sugar, sweets and flour products in addition to her daily workouts. Check out some of Kate Beckinsale's best Instagram moments below, along with some other sexy shots which prove that even at 46 years old - she would be a hell of a time in bed. Which is probably the point she is trying to make.

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