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Fatboy Slim Samples Greta Thunberg’s Speech

Fatboy Slim Samples Greta Thunberg’s Speech

DJ Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim is known for creating infectious electronic music, and we count ourselves among the fans of his electronic work. Even if he isn't a household name outside of electronic music circles - you've probably heard his song 'Right Here, Right Now' that has been featured on commercials.

The DJ continues to work the club scene even at age 56. During a recent performance in Gateshead, Fatboy Slim paid tribute to Greta Thunberg by sampling and looping her now famous speech to the UN into his most known track. The song opens with Greta's voice repeating the line “right here, right now” and continues throughout the song.

Slim shared the music mashup on Facebook and has now integrated Thunberg’s speech into his live show. Check out the video below. It's hard to argue that the song works and the crowd seems to eat it up, though we are worried about the spread of the message to the mostly youth based electronic music scene.