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Alice In Chains Bourbon All Secrets Known

Alice In Chains All Secrets Known Bourbon

Alice in Chains is one of our all time favorite rock bands, and we are stoked to see that the band is getting it's own alcoholic beverage thanks to FEW Spirits. It's sure to serve as a perfect compliment while listening to the bands catalog of music.

FEW Spirits is a Evanston, Illinois based distillery that produces craft spirits with locally sourced ingredients. For this AIC collab the company has produced an especially unique spirit: the 101 proof Bourbon is being finished in tequila barrels for six months to produce a sweet yet spicy kick. The release will be highly limited and only available for a short time.

The tequila-bourbon mix is named after the opening track on Alice In Chain's 2009 album Black Gives Way to Blue. All Secrets Known had a sleepy haze to the sound, and we're pretty sure the drink will match the songs atmosphere.

Pick up a 750ml bottle of Alice In Chains All Secrets Known Bourbon by clicking here


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