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Top Website Design Platforms

Putting together an eye catching website is one of the first steps for promoting a brand on the internet. It's how potential customers find information and discover the true essence of a particular business or brand. Therefore it is extremely necessary to create a good, informative, detailed and professional-looking page.

To create a site that people will come back to, it is necessary to have an effective and easy to use the platform that is intuitive. If you plan ahead and choose the right platform you will not require the help of a professional to manage your content.

To help you out, we took a look at the top Content Management System (CMS) services for creating websites, blogs, and e-commerce. To know more about it visit clasywebsitebuilders.com


This website creation option is somewhat limited in its design possibilities, but the platform is easy to use for lay people and those unfamiliar with programming.


Site123 is complete but simple option for those who don't work with programming languages or have much design experience. Their packages are affordable and compatible with the creative platform market.


SitePX is another option geared towards the creator who lacks advanced programming skills but offers a suitable and convenient service to the more advanced web designer.


A well-known but very limited platform compared to other options on the market. This option is an alternative for those looking for fast and resource-free website building.


An intuitive platform made for people who have no programming knowledge. Their plans are economical and viable for reaching the different many audiences found on the internet.


Wix is one of the most popular platforms on the web. This site is very simple and easy to use, requiring no advanced programming or design skills. The plans are not expensive, which makes it possible for even small brands to have a web presence with a small advertising budget. Small businesses can use Wix to offer commercial services and promote their brand through advertising. There is also a free version of this service, but this option is not recommended for professional businesses.

WordPress: Complete and Professional Platform

Probably the most well known platform in the website creation market, WordPress has already won millions of customers around the world. To use it, programming knowledge is recommended. This platform is considered one of the most versatile and professional for website creation, blogging, and e-commerce, and has the benefit of being self-managed.

How WordPress Website Development Works? Due to the features and facilities of WordPress, developers have more flexibility to create corporate websites and blogs. Customization is easier and simpler, enabling faster job delivery. Frequent version updates offered by the platform make it easy for WordPress to constantly improve, improving site performance and security. Page loading is one of the factors that influence placement in search results.


uCoz is a recommended platform for those who already have advanced knowledge or at least intermediate experience in programming. It offers different features and functions for website creation gear towards the tech minded creator.

Now that you know the different types of platforms, study which one is best for your business and will allow you to not only get a site up and running quickly - but grow with your business. If in doubt, consider looking for outside help such as an agency that specializes in the development of professional websites for businesses and professionals.