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What is Sexy: Former Miss Nevada Lisa Song Sutton

Lisa Song Sutton is the 2014 Miss Nevada who recently announced her plans to run as a Republican candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. She was the first Miss Nevada of Asian descent, and says "I’m ready to become the Asian-American Congresswoman from Nevada".

Lisa was born in South Korea and when she was 5 years old her family moved to Arizona where she began modeling when she was 19 years old. Sutton studied law and earned her degree from the University of Miami, then earned a second degree from the University of Arizona in Political Science. Business was her calling after college and she co-founded Sin City Cupcakes in 2012, makers of an iconic Las Vegas treat that infuses alcohol into their baked goods. The company is now a million dollar business.

Not content to rest on her achievements, Lisa co-founded several other businesses and brands including Ship Las Vegas, Elite Homes – Christie’s International Real Estate and Liquid & Lace Swimwear. Along the way she has given Tedx talks on community building, volunteerism, and the importance of giving back.

After relocating to Las Vegas in 2009, she began to notice that local leaders were not addressing the needs of their constituents - including women, minorities, and small business owners. That unmet need is the foundation of her current political platform. Lisa promises to support the military (her father is a Vietnam War veteran) and businesses, while opposing tax increases and illegal immigration. She argues that no one is opposed to legal immigration, but it needs to be done the right way not through open borders. Her mother is a Korean immigrant.

Lisa Song Sutton also promises to not directly ask for money, not bash her opponents, and to not promote negative information about the other party. If we lived in Nevada, Lisa would get our vote - not just because she is a worthy What is Sexy girl for her looks, but because she has a solid campaign platform. You can visit her Official Campaign website by clicking here.

Follow Lisa Song Sutton on Twitter and on Instagram where she has nearly 60k followers.

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