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Review: Magpul Daka Micro Wallet

In our search for the perfect everyday wallet, we wanted to start out as simple as we could. The idea was to test our limits and see how little can we carry. Over the past year we have slimmed down our wallet to the point that we have just a few cards - a drivers license, work ID, and a bank card. There are plenty of minimalists wallets out there, but the Magpul Micro Wallet (AKA the essential slim wallet) seemed like the absolute slimmest of the bunch, so we put it to the test. Here is what we found:

Side by side view of the packaging - notice made in the USA. It's a simple and clean display just like the wallet that leaves little waste. The cardboard that the wallet is mounted to has a suede feel, but it doesn't really matter since it's going in the thrash. Everything was protected in a plastic baggie that we did't include in the picture.

The Magpul line of DAKA wallets are available in four colorways: black, flat dark earth, olive drab green, and stealth gray. Black is an EDC classic that would look good for the office, FDE would probably work well if you wear a lot of khakis, and gray is a good color choice for multiple environments. We chose the OD green to match a new pocket knife we recently purchased. And who doesn't love OD Green?

The micro wallet measures 3.75” x 2.67” which means that it's barely bigger than the cards it contains. The Micro promises to hold up to 3 cards comfortably. Construction is a polymer reinforced fabric with an anti-slip texture and permanently welded RF seams. A few Amazon reviewers commented that the material feels cheap. We couldn't disagree more. It's thick and feels tough.

Some have compared the material to Hypalon, which is a nice comparison but not quite right. The DAKA material is a little slicker and rougher, and has a slight sheen when held at an angle to the light. The polymer fabric claims to be chemical resistant and non-hygroscopic which means it's non going to absorb water or sweat in your pocket.

The texture of the Magpul Daka wallet is grippy: it feels almost like the micarta or G10 handles of a pocket knife though not quite that rough or aggressive. There is no doubt that this wallet is going to stay put once it's in your pocket. After a week of use we found that we often forgot it was there and had to double check, but never lost it. If you're an ASMR freak, you'll be happy to know that the material makes a scratchy sound as you rub your fingers over it.

If you're wondering what will fit, we were able to comfortably fit three credits cards and three months earnings from our Amazon Associate commissions (in other words two folded one dollar bills) into the wallet. That made for a comfortable and secure fit. We have heard of people fitting 5-7 cards in the wallet which must take some talent. We can see where it's possible but would take time for the material to stretch. While it's growing to accommodate your stack of cards you are going to have some trouble getting them out.

Here is a side view of the Magpul DAKA Micro wallet filled with our stuff. The footprint is amazingly slim and small. You can find other wallets that hold just a couple cards, but when you factor in materials like leather or heavy duty nylon the thickness nearly doubles. Magpul has truly constructed a minamalist wallet with the Micro.

We were able to easily fit the wallet into our EDC notebook (Moleskine pocket size) back pocket. This is a nice option if your pockets are full, you have security concerns while traveling, or you just want to get as much of your EDC gear into one place as possible.

Getting your cards out from the wallet is tricky if you don't know how to do it. The grippy material wants to hold onto your cards which at first makes it feel like a struggle. Deployment of your cards and cash is best achieved by folding down the rounded corner and gripping the stack then firmly pulling. Once you understand the design, things are super smooth.

Suggested Improvements

We think the wallet is a near perfect design for the intended use. One improvement we would like to see is the addition of the dot matrix grid pattern that is included on the Magpul line of zippered pouches. This added feature would allow you to customize the wallet with a name or contents for a really personalized look. We would also like to see the wallet offered in orange so we could get one to match our weathered orange EDC. The zippered pouches are offered in bright colors, how about the wallets Magpul? That would be cool. Other than those two nitpicks, we can't say anything bad about the Micro.

Other Uses

Even if you don't think the Micro DAKA is the right everyday wallet for you, we still think you should pick one up. The slim profile makes a nice grab and go that could be used as part of a system. You could keep your work badge in one and the included lanyard hole makes it easy to carry. We could also see putting our Home Depot and Lowes credit cards in a Micro for the weekends. We don't need to keep those cards on us everyday, but every other Saturday when we need them they would be easy to find. You could also put one in the glove box with your Insurance card and whatever else, or carry one in your EDC bag with a gun permit and fishing license.

Final Thoughts

It's not the wallet for everyone. Plenty of people claim they want a minimal wallet then complain they can't carry ten cards and a pack of gum. You obviously don't understand the word minimal. Using the Magpul Micro is probably going to be a step you work towards as you really figure out what you need to carry. If you have reached the stage of evolution where your business contacts are on your phone, you don't carry seldom used store cards, and keep your insurance card in the glove box - then you will understand the intended use of the DAKA wallets.

The Mapul DAKA line is a well thought out concept that's as trim and minimal as can be. The Micro is the smallest, slimmest, and lightest of the bunch. Details like rounded corners make access easy, and the polymer infused fabric is rugged and durable for years of use. And looks wise, the Micro is so simple that we dare call it classy. That's a pretty impressive accomplishment from a manufacturer of gun accessories and tactical gear. For the price of a drive through lunch you can have a wallet that will last for years. We intend to buy all the colors and match what ever knife and EDC gear we choose to carry on a given day.

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