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Review: Magpul Explorer Sunglasses

Magpul is a company known for producing firearm accessories but more recently they have been introducing EDC gear like wallets and zippered pouches made from polymer infused textiles that can take a beating. They also make some really nice looking sunglasses. A reader named Tom was nice enough to submit a review of his Magpul Explorer Sunglasses. Check it out below - he says that they are worth the price.

Review: Magpul Explorer Sunglasses

Quick review of Magpul Shades: I bought a pair of the Explorer shades (Polarized) not because of the ballistic protection or because its made by Magpul but because I'm a fat faced sumbitch and sunglasses from other manufacturers don't usually fit my face well. These do!

Pros: very lightweight, polarization works well, doesn't look very sporty (most shades that fit my face are usually for cycling etc) and feels comfortable around the nose. Came with a cloth bag and a Daka Can. Price varies according to what lens type you get. The non-polarized versions are cheaper.

Cons: The Explorer model may feel tight for people with larger faces. It's very secure, they won't slip off easily, but I let a friend try mine on and he said it would give him a headache if he wore them all day. I think he needs the other model which is larger. Although the lightweight feature is a pro for me, some people felt that the sunglasses felt fragile/cheap.

I recommend them, they're good for the price, but I suggest fitting them first if you can to make sure you get the right pair for you.

If you are looking for a pair of high quality, stylish sunglasses that are not Oakley (and that can fit a larger face) the Explorer is available in multiple colorways to match all your gear.

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