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Perfect Mini Notebook: Moleskine Volant

It just makes sense to carry a notebook with you. Inspiration always strikes at the strangest moments and you want to have a way to capture those ideas for later. We have forgotten more story ideas than we care to admit which is why we said 'it's time to get a notebook'.

A full sized notebook might make sense for things like art projects or working out the details of a future best seller, other times you just need something small to capture an idea or remember to pick up something at the grocery store. That's where a small EDC sized notebook makes the most sense.

If you are looking for something small enough to fit in a pocket or even your wallet - the Moleskine Volant XS is a perfect choice. Barely the size of a deck of playing cards, it fits into many wallets or will slip into what ever nook and cranny you have available in your EDC bag or purse. Measuring just 2.5x4 inches you don't even know it's there until you need it.

The best thing is that these small notebooks are reasonably priced and durable. We have used plenty of cheap notebooks and the covers rip off before we use all of the paper. Moleskine uses a heavy cardstock cover on even the smallest notebook from their line - meaning you will get full use and value from the mini notebook. Packaged in a set of two, each notebook has 56 pages and is available in plenty of colors, both lined and unlined.

We also like that the pages are perforated and can be torn out as you work your way through the notebook. Most higher quality notebooks, even small ones, are permanently bound with sewn in pages. That means you have to look at all those things you crossed off your to do list until the very end of the notebook. Not so with the Moleskine Volant XS. Tear out a page and start fresh.

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