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Introducing Lochby: Waxed Canvas Daily Carry Essentials

This week we are taking a look at an interesting new company called Lochby. Just launched (sort of - we will get to that), the company has introduced a bold new collection of daily carry essentials that we thought you would be interested in. Let's take a look at what makes Lochby stand out in the crowded daily carry and notebook space.

The Lochby Field Journal is a 9.25" x 6.75" x 1" waxed canvas notebook that works as a sketchbook, planner, or even a bullet journal. The exterior canvas is weather resistant with a metal buckle to hold things tightly closed. Journal refills are available through Lochby that feature Tomoe River 68 gsm white paper. Writers and artists drool over this paper for it's ability to resist bleed through and smudging.

The inside of the journal features an elastic pen loop and several pockets for organization. It's easy to see that a smaller Kindle, pens, pencils, and credit cards will fit in the pockets making the journal a "business center" for the person who works out of the local coffee shop. You could also fit a passport and make this your main travel journal, keeping track of your explorations as you check things off of your bucket list.

The Lochby tool roll is a modern take on a classic tool roll. Featured in the same waxed canvas that makes for a perfectly matched set with the Field Journal, the Lochby version has been modernized to include elastic retainers for all of your everyday carry gear. We have seen plenty of versions of tool rolls out there, but this one is without a doubt the most thought out and functional we have come across.

Inside the tool roll we get the same high visibility orange backing that makes everything easy to find. When you take the time to properly space out your edc items, the tool roll is surprisingly small. It's probably not going to fit in a pants pocket when fully loaded, but it will fit into a cargo pocket or jacket pocket. Pulling this thing out of a nice overcoat in the office is sure to get jealous looks - it's a classy statement with a modern edge.

The color scheme is definitely different, and at first glance we didn't know what to think. The orange is surprising but does guarantee that your not going to lose your pen in the clutter. As we took in the Lochby collection, we really have grown to love the bold choices made in materials and color combinations. There are plenty of notebooks and organizers out there, but nothing stands out. Lochby is making a bold choice in the materials and colorways of its collection - but we think they hit the nail on the head.

If the Lochby designs look familiar, that's because they are. Lochby is an extension of the Bond Travel Gear brand. We are big fans of Bond and own several of their organizers including the tool roll and journal. We liked Bond because they created products with a minimal aesthetic that were useful. It seems that the brand has found a way to reinvent itself by taking the standout products from its line and high lighting the best of what they have to offer. We just hope they choose to bring the Escapade pouch to the Lochby line.

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