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Best Ways to Display a Morale Patch Collection

A lot of people have a little hobby where they collect morale patches. The problem is after you run out of room on your gear bag and EDC pouches you start wondering how to display them all. We searched Amazon for the best options that were durable and economical so that you have cash left for what else - patches. Here are the 5 best options we found for storing and displaying your morale patch collection. Make a decision based on the size of your collection and leave room for future purchases.

Option number one on our list is the OneTigris Mini Patch Board Stand. It's a picture frame sized board that can be displayed vertically or horizontally for displaying a select collection of your favorite patches. You should be able to get 6-8 regular sized patches proudly mounted, so it's a great size for showing off your favorite brand. You could also mount a whole collection of smaller patches like ranger eyes. We like this stand because we can show off a few our favorites on our desk as work. Don't be the guy who has boring family photos, show off your collection of Punisher skulls. Get a OneTigris Mini Patch Board Stand by clicking here.

If you want to carry a few more patches with you, the OneTigris Patch Organizer Booklet is a cool option that doesn't take up a lot of space in your messenger or EDC bag. Measuring 8x5.5 the patch booklet is capable of holding a minimum of 12 patches, but you could easily carry 20 or more patches with you and change up your look on the go. With 500d nylon it will stand up to years of being pulled in and out of your bag. We use these booklets for separating categories in our collection then storing them on our bookshelf. If you're an OCD type who likes organization the OneTigris Patch Organizer Booklet might be the best choice for you. Get one by clicking here.

Option number three on our list isn't the cheapest but it's a nearly bombproof way to store and display your more expensive morale patches. It was the first thing we ever purchased to store our collection. Measuring 10x12 it's kind of like a laptop sleeve built for morale patches. We can store 40-50 full sized patches on the pages. The best thing is the Maxpedition quality which has kept it looking new afters years of being carried in our book bag. It also zippers closed so there is no worry about losing an expensive patch. The Maxpedition Morale Patch Book is out of production as far as we can tell, but some colors are still available on Amazon. Get one by clicking here.

Option four is another book style patch holder priced a little more affordably than the Maxpedtion Patch Book above. Again, OneTigris answers the call with the Flip-Page Patch Book. Luckily, the brand has plenty of five star reviews and our experience with their products have been nothing but great. Don't believe us? Read the reviews. This binder style book measures 11x8 and features four pages (8 front and back) that will store around 50 patches and can be expanded. The downside is that you don't get a protective cover. The upside is the great price. Check it out by clicking here.

When your morale patch collection goes next level, and you have so many patches that you need to display them on the walls of your home office or man cave it's time to invest in patch panels. These come in various sizes and plenty of makers have their own to offer but we have had good luck with the Bastion Tactical Combat Morale Patch Panel. With three sizes (small, medium, and large) to choose from it's easy to mix and match to cover whatever wall space you have. Heavy duty metal grommets make it easy to mount your collection using hooks in a non permanent way - just take the panel off the wall and move it. Check out the Bastion Tactical Combat Morale Patch Panel by clicking here.

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