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WTF is Amazon Promoting?

WTF is Amazon Promoting?

We received an email from a reader named Jennifer who had an unusual shopping experience on the Amazon website recently. Amazon is no stranger to conspiracy theories since their smart home devices are known to record conversations and provide unusual answers to questions like "Who is Jesus". But this email takes the cake and sure does make us wonder if there is an agenda to their suggested products.

From Jennifer:

Hey guys I really enjoy your website and thought you might be interested in a recent shopping experience I had on Amazon. My family is planning a trip to visit my family in the Netherlands this fall so I have been gathering up items we might need for our trip. Since it's our first time going out of the country I really wanted to get a wallet to keep our passports nice and also not lose them.

I was on my phone searching for passport wallets and didn't see much that I liked, so I scrolled down to continue to the next page when I was shocked at one of the suggested ads on the bottom of my screen. I included the screen shot to prove what I saw. It was a giant penis! Than God my kids were not nearby.

WTF is Amazon Promoting?

I couldn't believe Amazon had this as a suggested item for me. I mean even if I was searching for sexual kinds of things this is too graphic. But I was searching for passport wallets - you can clearly see that in my search bar. I clicked on the link and it took me back to my search so it didn't lead to a product. I hit the back button and had different suggested items, then a few pages later the penis was back again!

It popped up several times while searching for passport wallets. This is just crazy. Even if it isn't an Amazon product who is filtering their product selection? I find it hard to believe Amazon doesn't have some sort of filtering in place to make sure that product images are relevant (and non pornographic).

WTF is Amazon Promoting?

What do you think of this Amazon product suggestion?

Is it part of a greater agenda to desensitize us to pornography? Comment Below.


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