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5 EDC Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away

5 EDC Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away

Plenty of people carry essential items with them in a pocket or bag. Usually we carry items like a cellphone and charger, wallet and keys, and maybe a water bottle. Those are the types of things just about everyone uses every single day. Some of us choose to be a little more prepared - carrying what is called EDC or every day carry gear. Things that prepare you for more situations and challenges that you might encounter on a bus trip, spontaneous after work hike, roadside emergency, or if the unfortunate event occurred where you were attacked by a stranger.

As much as we love being prepared, and we encourage everyone we know to join the movement, there are several trends in EDC gear that drive us nuts. Fast and light should be about carrying less, or just whats needed, not compromising on the size and quality of essential survival gear. Just don't tell that to the EDC community where small and expensive, and usually useless, is the mark of a man. That is why we wish these 5 EDC trends would just go away.

5 EDC Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away

Multi Tool Madness

Need to clean an AR15 and clip your toe nails? There is probably a multi-tool for that. Sure, there are plenty of well thought out multi tools to choose from that make sense for every day carry, but there are plenty that are just ridiculous. It seems like makers are trying to pack as many tools as possible into one small package. The problem is that most of the tools are downright useless. The truth is that if you went into the outback with just a Leatherman you were stupid and we don't think your going to make it out. No multi tool is going to save you if you went that unprepared.

5 EDC Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away

Key Chain Survival Items

Look at YouTube and watch someone stumble with a tiny fire-starter and it's pretty easy to see that if this was a real survival situation - this guy would die. These tiny little survival items are just gimmicks made to create a false sense of security and and safety while selling gear to suckers. The fad was born out of the Altoids survival tin trend a few years back and has morphed into key chain sized pocket carry gear. Now if you collect little key chain sized EDC items for the fun of it, that's cool - just just be realistic in what you expect out of a tiny knife or 'boo boo' kit.

5 EDC Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away

Bottle Openers on Everything

Every guy needs a bottle opener. Heck one is none and two is one so a little redundancy is ok by us. But right now, everything has a bottle opener. There's one on your multi tool, your knife, we have even seen bottle openers integrated into the soles of flip flops. Every manufacturer is including a cap remover on seemingly every new piece of EDC gear being released. If your only concern is cracking open a beer in a survival situation you have lost the will to live and the bottle opener is not going to save you.

5 EDC Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away


First there was carbon fiber. Then came titanium and the EDC community was changed for ever. We get it - titanium is cool. It's light, corrosion resistant, it can withstand extremes in temperature. Titanium is also stupid expensive. Like a diamond, the price is held artificially high just because people want it.

And the guy who has a titanium EDC gear set up is sure to make sure that everyone knows he has TITANIUM. Every EDC group who will admit him gets to see his $1k pocket dumps. His titanium box cutters, bottle openers (see above), and tiny little screwdrivers that can't screw much of anything have their own Instagram account for you to admire their greatness.

Cost Benefit Analysis: How many times are you going to encounter a situation where you need to remove a nail? Is that frequency worth spending $100 for a titanium prybar? We are just fine with our cheap $5 pry bar and have used it once...in three years.

5 EDC Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away

Steel Snobbery

So you have a pocket knife. Good job. It's an essential piece of kit. While you're admiring that cool new knife you just bought, some steel snob is making a face. What is a steel snob? The guys who ONLY buy knives with with exotic steels, damascus, and can recite metallurgy techniques - then tell you why your 420HC is inferior to the M390 corrosion resistant blade he carries that was forged by Thor himself.

While steel snob is telling you all about metal forging techniques in the Viking age, the guy behind him chimes in to talk about the edge retention of his steel and why M390 is good, but not the best. They do agree that you made a mistake buying Gerber because they only use xxx.

Don't believe that knife steel snobbery exists? Read the Amazon reviews of any Leatherman who use 420 hc in most of their knives and multitools. I don't know about you, but if it cuts and looks good, I'm good. Sure, I would like to have an art piece knife but it would just sit in a box never used. And if I ever lost it I would probably jump off a bridge wondering why I spent hundreds of dollars on a knife.

What do you think of the EDC trends we mentioned? Can you think of any others? Comment below.

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